Who is WWE edge's girlfriend?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Her name is connie and no she has nothing to do with Wrestling. Maryse is dating the Miz and has been for four years

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yes lita

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Q: Who is WWE edge's girlfriend?
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What is WWE edges fiance's name?

In real life, as of October 2010,he has a girlfriend called Charissa.

What was edges email address?

Edges Email is WWE

What is edges number the WWE wrestler star?


What is WWE edges moms name?

Judy Copeland

What is WWE edges debut day month and year?

Edge went in the WWE in June 22,1998

Does WWE superstar Ryback have a Girlfriend?

No, he does not.

Who are WWE westler edges kids?

Edge does not have any kids

What is the apron in WWE all-stars wii?

Its the edges of the ring

Does WWE wrestler john cena have a girlfriend?

yes john cena does have a girlfriend.

Is WWE edge maried?

No but he does have a girlfriend who lives with him

Does WWE ted dibiase have a girlfriend?


Who is edges brother?

nobody chirstan and edge are only brothers in wwe