What is a heel on WWE?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A heel on WWE is a villain character

A heel on WWE is the bad guys or girls who everyone boos at. A face on WWE is the good or girls that everyone cheers for.

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Q: What is a heel on WWE?
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Was brock lesnar a heel in WWE?

Yes, he was a heel

Is wwe's The Hurricane a heel?

No, I believe The Hurricane was never heel.

Will john cena go heel?

Cena will not go heel because he is the reason the wwe is pg and if he goes heel the wwe would lose half of its viewers

Will wwe Tiffany return as a heel?


Was Kane ever a heel on WWE?

Yes. He currently isKane was ALWAYS a heel!

How do WWE superstars turn to heel or face?

They turn face or heel by having a story line.

Which is the best heel team ever in WWE?

chris Jericho

Where is WWE superstar jtg?

He was on NXt this season he became a heel

Will rey mysterio turn heel at WWE TLC 2009?


Why did the Rock turn heel in 2003?

Because he was not wrestling in WWE and went to Hollywood instead The Rock did not turn heel.

Are all heels in WWE booed by the fans?

Some faces do have heel tatics if they were recently heel Not exactly Not All of them.

Why is Vickie Guerrero still in WWE?

Because she is good at her job, she is the best heel manager that WWE has had in a long time!!