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Heel up.

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Q: Does travis barker play bass drum heel up or heel down?
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Who are the famous drum musician?

Travis Barker

Who are the most famous drum musicians?

Travis Barker

Who is a famous snare drum player in an orchestra?

Jeff Queen and Travis Barker are a few Jeff Queen and Travis Barker are a few

Where can a Travis Barker drum solo be watched?

Travis Baker drum solo, from 2011 can be watched on YouTube. His solo, captured during the Honda Civic tour, lasts over 5 minutes and is entertaining.

What drum set does travis barker play?

orange county drums.

What kind of drumsticks does Travis Barker use?

Travis Barker uses two types of sticks designed jointly by himself and Zildjian. Zildjian Travis Barker Black Artist series drum stick Zildjian Travis Barker Double Stick Mallet

How is the bass drum played in a drum kit?

If your meaning the kick peddal on tyhe bass drum then all you have to do is put your foot on the peddal and push down

What is a bass drum hoop?

A bass drum hoop is the outer rim of the bass drum that sandwiches the bass drum head to the actual shell of the bass drum.

What type of drum should you get if you like to play blink182?

well it really doesn't matter. travis barker plays with a lot of different brands.

What is the name of a bass drum?

Bass drum. The bass drum in a trap set is also called the kick drum.

What instrument do you use while playing a bass drum?

You use the ... bass drum while playing the bass drum ... (?)

How is a bass drum played in a drum kit?

With a foot pedal. The pedal is usually chain driven and utilizes a beater (soft or hard) which rotates when the chain is pulled down by the foot to strike the bass drum.