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you cut off the blood supply to your legs- position the drum just a bit differently!

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Q: Why do your legs go numb when you wear your marching band bass drum?
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What is FT on drum tabs?

Floor tom. It is the drum that has legs on it and sits on the floor. (Not the bass drum)

What is the drum called that you play in between your legs?

its the bass drum u know u coulda just looked it up

What type of instrument is a bass drum?

A bass drum is considered a percussion instrument. Anything that you hit is percussion. Even if you hit your legs. That is considered percussion. Of course your legs aren't an instrument though. is it a tuned percussion or untuned????

What drum throne?

A Drum Throne is a round chair with three legs

What is another way to move with the legs besides marching?


What does a 5 piece drum set with hardware include?

I'm not really sure I understand this question, but I'll try my best.When determining how many pieces of a drumset, the cymbals are not included. Ever. Cymbals are extra and are not included in the "pieces" of a drumet, as only the actually drums are counted. A drumset with three toms, a snare drum, a bass drums, hi-hat, crash, ride and splash is a five piece drum set because it has three toms, one bass and on snare. 3+1+1=5. if you took the same drumset and added one bass, two toms, two crashes and a splash, it would still only be an eight piece set. 5 (toms) + 2 (basses) +1 (snare) = eight (drums).I'm not sure if this answers your question or not, but I hope it sets you in the right direction.

How are the snare drums traditionally held?

As i play it myself, im in a scoutband. I/We play this sidedrum on out weakest leg, the face pointing up towards out strong hand. We also have a half oval padded bit on the drum to protect our legs while playing. ( Only if were marching, Concerting) Hope this helps! -Will

Who is the bass player in the Rod Steward Hot Legs video?

Phil Chen.

What are the legs of a drum floor tom called?

Why do you wanna know soz i dont have the answer !! xx

Which drum is which in a drum set?

The drums are the snare, the bass or "kick-drum", and the toms. The snare allways has two heads, the top which you strike, and the bottom which has a strip of metal coil things that is held in a bracket and can be tightened or loosened with a twisting knob and a lever. Most snares give off an unpleasant after-ring, which can be eliminated using tape and cloth. The bass drum has a foot pedal, and usually has two heads but not always. Most drummers deffen the boomy sound they often have by putting pillows, blankets, foam, etc. inside the drum. There are single, double, triple, or even quadruple bass drum kits. There are two types of toms; mounted, which branch off of a bass drum, and floor, which have adjustable legs. Secondary heads on toms are not allways nessecary, and are used on basis of personal preference/funds. Cymbal types are the hi-hat, two cymbals that can be pressed together using a foot pedal, ride, the largest cymbal used typically for the chorus of a song, crash, used to end drum fills or as part of the main drum beat, splash, similar to the crash but smaller with a... well... "splashy" sound, and the gong, an Asian sounding cymbal, smaller gongs are often called "China" cymbals. These are just the typical components. Other peripherals could include the infamous cow bell, pretty little wind chimes, xylophones, and more.

It the size of a upright bass and cello the same?

Yes, in referring to stringed instruments "double bass" is just another way to say "upright bass". However, the phrase "double bass" is also frequently used by percussionists to refer to a drum set which has two kick drums.

When does a barbershop quaret have 16 legs?

When in addition to the Soprano, Alto, and Bass, the last guy is a Tener.