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you cut off the blood supply to your legs- position the drum just a bit differently!

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2009-06-28 09:30:57
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Q: Why do your legs go numb when you wear your marching band bass drum?
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What is FT on drum tabs?

Floor tom. It is the drum that has legs on it and sits on the floor. (Not the bass drum)

What type of instrument is a bass drum?

A bass drum is considered a percussion instrument. Anything that you hit is percussion. Even if you hit your legs. That is considered percussion. Of course your legs aren't an instrument though. is it a tuned percussion or untuned????

What is the drum called that you play in between your legs?

its the bass drum u know u coulda just looked it up

What does a 5 piece drum set with hardware include?

Standard would be bass drum, snare, and 3 tom-toms, hardware would consist of; stands for snare, hi-hat, cymbals. Other hardware would be fixtures and fittings; bass drum pedal, tom-tom mounts, legs for a floor tom-tom.

What drum throne?

A Drum Throne is a round chair with three legs

What is another way to move with the legs besides marching?


What are the diffrent type of drums called?

Lets see, on a traditional 5-piece drum set you have the 1. Bass Drum - it sits on the floor and you kick it with a pedal to make it sound. 2. Snare drum - sits usually between your legs and has a line of beads underneath that rattle when you hit it to produce a short military type sound. 3. Toms(2) - attached to the bass drum and are similar to the snare except there are no beads on the bottom- it sounds much clearer, they are used for fills. 4. Floor tom - just like the toms that are attached to the bass drum, but it has it's own stand and is much bigger and has a much deeper tone. I hope you were talking about a drum set, because if you were talking about hand drums, it's a whole different ball game.

What is a drum shell kit?

A drum shell kit is comprised of COMPLETE drums only. No hardware or stands. The drums have all lugs, tension rods, rims, spurs, hoops, legs, mounting hardware and heads. No cymbal, hi-hat, snare, tom stands and no bass drum pedal or throne are included in a shell kit. Also, the snare may come with the set on occasion.

How are the snare drums traditionally held?

As i play it myself, im in a scoutband. I/We play this sidedrum on out weakest leg, the face pointing up towards out strong hand. We also have a half oval padded bit on the drum to protect our legs while playing. ( Only if were marching, Concerting) Hope this helps! -Will

Who is the bass player in the Rod Steward Hot Legs video?

Phil Chen.

Who was the bass player in rod stewart's hot legs video?

Phil Chen.

What are the legs of a drum floor tom called?

Why do you wanna know soz i dont have the answer !! xx

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