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Q: What instruments are used in Moves like Jagger?
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General classifications of surgical instruments?

Surgical instruments can be classified into cutting instruments (like scalpels), grasping and holding instruments (like forceps), retractors (used to hold back tissues), hemostatic instruments (used to control bleeding), and specialized instruments for specific procedures. Each type serves a specific purpose during surgeries.

Was the ukulele used for a purpose?

Like all instruments, it is used to make music.

What instruments does the song someone like you use?

A piano is used in the song someone like you.

What instruments are used in urban music?

Urban music uses instruments like electric guitar, keyboard, drums, etc.

What are brass instruments used for?

Brass instruments, like most instruments, can be used for almost anything! They are most commonly used for bands and orchestras though. Trumpets and bugles, both types of brass instruments, also have a long histories of use in the military. Today, brass instruments are often taught in school bands, and can be used to teach the foundations of music!

What are the other musical instruments of Thailand?

There are many musical instruments found and used in Thailand such as the Ranad. Thailand also has musical instruments like the Khlui and Thai drum.

What is a pressure cooker-like apparatus used to sterilize instruments called?


What instruments are used in Tasmania?

As Tasmania is one of Australia's states, the instruments used there will be the same as the instruments used throughout Australia. there is a great variety of westernised instruments, as well as instruments from other cultures.

What are the instruments used in electric feel?

The flute-like sound is from a key-board and is like a synthesizer.

What are percussion instruments used for?

It depends, this question is very vast. Instruments like cymbals and auxiliary percussion instruments are used for the soul purpose of adding color. While percussion instruments like snare drums, tenor drums, bass drums, and other actual drums not only add color, but help the band as a whole stay in time with one another.

Which instruments would you find in a romantic period orchestra in the woodwind section that you would not find in a baroque period orchestra?

Strings, woodwinds and percussion instruments were used in the romantic period orchestra. Small scale instruments were used during this period.

Can rocks be used as instruments?

yes they'd be more like drums though xx