What episode does konan fight ino?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They never do actually fight. It was just part of the intro.

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Q: What episode does konan fight ino?
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Does ino fight konan?

Yes, Konan fights Ino when Konan and Pain attack the Leaf Village. but what episode?

Why does konan fight ino?

She doesn't fight Ino

Who is stronger Ino or Konan?

Probably Konan because during Pain and Konan's attack on the Leaf Village Konan fought Ino. Konan didn't kill Ino, but she still beat Ino up pretty bad.

Does Ino have rivals?

Well, of course! Sakura! In like every episode where Ino and Sakura is together they get in a big fight over nothing!

What episode does konan die in?

Episode 253

What episode is ino in?

naruto episode 3 (not shippuden)

When does Tobi fight?

Tobi fights against Konan and is victorious in the episode called Breached Mind. This is episode number 213. Tobi fights Naruto and a group of fighters in the Naruto Shippuden episode number 134. The name of the episode is Banquet Invitation.

What episode does Shikamaru kiss Ino in Naruto shippuden?

episode 333 or 332 one of them

What episode of Naruto does jiraiya first fight pain?

Jiraiya fights Pain/Pein from episodes 126-133 BUT IF YOU WANT JUST THE FIGHT WITHOUT THE INTRO WATCH EPISODES (watch 129 if u want to watch konan fight too) 130-133

What episode did Ino where a kimono?

It is in Naruto, episode 192 'Ino screams! Chubby Paradise'.Note: Available to watch Naruto or Naruto Shippuden episodes at

Does Konan Fight Madara?

Yes and takes Nagato's Eyes.

Who would win a fight ten ten or Ino?

Tenten.its obviosly true.If you want I'll give you a spoiler. In naruto episode 218 Ino could not even do one jutsu on this one lady who was trying to kill them so she could get Gaara.