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epiode 13! she is kissed by HIROTO! not SEJI! no its was an act for the movie they pretended behind the curtain but she does kiss hiroto here from wiki (He was unaware that Kirari harbored similar feelings towards Hiroto) (In the manga, their relationship is deeper due to that they kiss twice.) oh they get together at the end of the manga and anime. oh anime actually got 152 episodes not 101

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in episode 13 enjoy

<3 kirari and hiroto make a great couple do anyone think so too

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Q: What episode does kaoru kiss haruhi?
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What episode does Tamaki and Haruhi go out with each other?

They don't. in the anime series they do not go out but haruhi and hikaru go on a date in episode 16 "operation haruhi and hikaru's first date!" but i believe the do kiss and begin going out in the manga

What volume of ouran high manga does haruhi and kaoru go on a date?

Chapter 63 (I think)

Do Haruhi and hikaru kiss?

If you are talking about Ouran High School Host Club (which I believe you are) then the answer is no. Hikaru likes Haruhi but she falls in love with Tamaki. If you havn't watched the full anime, don't read on! Haruhi only kisses one person in the anime and that is a girl but it's only because the girl wins the prize at the party of getting a kiss on the cheek from Tamaki but Tamaki gives that to Haruhi. So Haruhi goes down to give the girl a kiss on the cheek but something happens and the girl turns back and they accidentally kiss. Haruhi doesn't kiss anyone else. But she was supposed to kiss Tamaki in the end because she realizes she loves him but instead they hug but in the manga they kiss so really she only kisses the girl and Tamaki. So no, she doesn't kiss Hikaru.

When do haruhi and tamaki kiss?

Haruhi and Tamaki have yet to purposely kiss, but Tamaki kissed Haruhi on the forehead twice, once tried to kiss her lips, and just recently in Chapter 72 I think, when they turned around, their lips met slightly and they blush insanely. Hope it helped! yah in chapter 81 they kiss severaly times and they nd up going on a date :)

What episode does maron and chiaki kiss?

They kiss in episode 16 and episode 33

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Who were the cats in haruhi in wonderland on ouran?

In the Haruhi in Wonderland episode, Hikaru and Kaoru were playing the role of the cats.

In what episode do kaoru and kenshin kiss?

Sorry, they never do kiss. But, in a Samurai X movie, Kenshin is married to Kaoru. ALSO, you should check the manga out, i think they do kiss in the manga, i forgot, or Kaoru confesses to Kenshin. (:

Did hikaru kiss haruhi?

No, not that I know of. The only one out of the Hitachi brothers is Kaoru, he kisses Haruhi on the cheek while Hikaru was there and Hikaru got jealous but Hikaru does love Haruhi and Kaoru loves her too but loves Hikaru more and doesn't want to lose their brotherly relationship and gives up on Haruhi so Hikaru can love someone not only himself or Kaoru only. Hope this Helped This is in the manga by the way. AKA: THE BEST MANGA BOOK SERIES EVA!! &hearts;&hearts;

What episode does Tamaki and Haruhi go out with each other?

They don't. in the anime series they do not go out but haruhi and hikaru go on a date in episode 16 "operation haruhi and hikaru's first date!" but i believe the do kiss and begin going out in the manga

When did Kaoru say Hikaru you really like Haruhi don't you to Hikaru in the anime Ouran Higschool Host Club?

I think that was in "The Twins Fight" , which was episode five.

Do the twins like haruhi?

Kaoru and Hikaru both have romantic feelings for Haruhi but Kaoru steps back to let Hikaru come to realize his feelings for Haruhi and encourages Hikaru to pursue his feelings. At least that is what I got from the anime but those reading the manga will have a much better understanding, I would think.

Does Hikaru love Haruhi on Ouran High School Host Club?

In the manga it is revealed that he does. So does Kaoru, which makes Kaoru and Hikaru have a REAL fight! Afterwards, they make up, but Hikaru dies his hair brown or black i am not sure, so they can be told apart, and it suited him really well too. Kaoru gave up Haruhi for Hikaru, though he still sorta had feelings for her, Hikaru was more important to him. Hunny, Mori, and obviously, Kaoru, was all for Hikaru and Haruhi couple! They all supported him, but Kyoya said he didn't care how it went. Meanwhile, Tamaki is also in love with Haruhi, but he's such an idiot he doesn't know it yet;) In the anime, I wanted Tamaki and Haruhi to be together, but now that they say Hikaru is in love with her, I think he deserves her more and they make SUCH a better couple. Plus Hikaru deserves her more:) EDIT: (SPOILER) Kaoru also confesses his love for Haruhi and kisses her on the cheek in Ch.52. However, in Ch.81/82 Tamaki and Haruhi start confessing their love for each other and kiss! :S