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They kiss in episode 16 and episode 33

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Q: What episode does maron and chiaki kiss?
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What episode does maron kiss chiaki on the cheek?

Well actually it's Jeanne who kisses Chiaki on the cheek, it's in episode 44, when they're fighting a bunch of demons in the the castle.

How many times did chiaki and maron kiss?

4 (including jeanne and sinbad)

In what chapter does misaki tell usagi he loves him in junjou romantica?

Arina Tanemura separates her manga by episodes. So it's Manga Vol. 7 Episode 29: Wishing Upon a Shooting Star.

How many chiaki and nodame kiss in nodame cantabile?


Which episode did yumi and ulrich kiss?

they kiss in episode 78, and 22

In which episode do Nartuto and Sakura kiss?

They kiss in the final episode.

When do Zero and Nina from mamotte lollipop kiss?

i think its in episode 9

Does kazuma kiss ayano?

they dont actually kiss but in episode 4 its like a kiss he has to kiss her to get medicine in her mouth and in episode 8 he kisses her on the nose and episode 24 he kisses her on the neck

What is the first episode that Naruto and Hinata kiss?

There is no first episode that Naruto and Hinata kiss because they don't kiss.

What Naruto episode do all the couples kiss?

All the couples kiss in the final Naruto episode. They declare for each other and kiss. This happens in the final episode.

Sonny and Chad kiss in which episode?

Season 2 episode 21 (Sonny With A Kiss)

In what episode do sonny and Chad kiss?

Season 2 episode 21 (sonny with a kiss)!