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The episode is What I dont Like About You

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Q: In which episode do Lilly and Oliver kiss?
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Is Oliver and lilly dating they were?

in the new episode they will be, he kisses her! i saw it yes

When episode of Hannah Montana does lilly and oliver break up?

Sad to say (I am not a Loliver fan) I don't think that it will happen. Lilly and Oliver start dating in the episode What I Don't LIke About You. Also throughout season 3 Lilly and Oliver break up in practically every other episode and get back together in the end. Also a lot of people like Loliver so I don't think Disney will make them break up. :( Aslo Hannah Montana is in season 3. But they are doing a season 4 so it but happen. Bottom Line: There probably never will be an episode were Lilly and Oliver break up.

Did Miley ever kiss Oliver?

If you mean Miley and Oliver from Hannah Montana, yes they did kiss in a episode that never aired on Disney.

What was the first episode of Hannah montanna?

The first episode of Hannah Montana was when Lilly gets tickets to a Hannah Montana concert but Miley cant go with Lilly because Miley is Hannah Montana. So Lilly and Oliver sneak into Hannah's dressing room through a window. And Miley has to tell Lilly the truth about her double life. But doesn't tell Oliver.

What episode your lilly and oliver fight over which rock band is better?

Season 3 - what i dont like about your

Who is Lilly's boyfriend?

Lilly is dating oliver on Hannah Montana.

Is Miley and Oliver going to get together?

No, Oliver is going out with Lilly.

Did miley ever kissed oliver in an unaired episode of Hannah Montana?

Nobody knows for sure but there has been rumors about an unaired epiode in season one where miley and oliver kiss.

What are Hannahs best friends called?

lilly and oliver

Does Oliver Duncan have a girlfriend?

yes, her name is lilly.

What song was playing in yesterdays Smallville episode conspiracy when Chloe and oliver almost kiss?

"You're Stealing" by Stuart Roslyn and Vasco

What episode does maron and chiaki kiss?

They kiss in episode 16 and episode 33