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Danzo only has 1 sharingan eye on his right side also he has some kind of special arm (his right arm also) his sharingan first shows on naruto shippuden episode 199 but it only shows for a few sec when he kills these assassins with his eye.

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Q: What episode does it show danzo sharingans?
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What episode does Sasuke fight danzo?

This fight between Danzo and Sasuke happens in Naruto Shippuden Episode 209: Danzo's Right Arm. More information about Itachi comes out in this episode as well.

Where does Danzo get all the sharingans on his right arm?

He Got it From Obito when he was on a mission when he was younger. Obito got crushed by a rock and gave kakashi his Sharingan as a gift before he died. Obito had the Sharingan because he was an Uchiha.

What episode of naruto shipudden is Danzo's right arm?

Episode 208

Is Sasuke's sharingan stronger than danzo's?

Sasuke's sharingan is stronger, he beats Danzo... - Sasuke's sharingan surpasses Danzou olnly because the sharingan is a bloodline limit and danzou does not posses enough chakra to fully use the all of the sharingan , do you want me to explain how danzou obtained so many sharingans ?

In which episodes of Naruto does Danzo appear?

It hasn't happened in anime, only in manga.

Why did Danzou have a lot of sharingans?

He wasn't born with Sharingans. He collect Sharingans from the Uchiha Massacre and by the help of Orochimaru he implanted Sharingans in his hand and one eye along with First hokage cell for chakra.

Does itachi show up in the middle of Sasuke and danzo fight?

In an illusion

What episode will Naruto save the 6th Hokage?

SPOILER ALERT!Danzo is the 6th Hokage. He died painfully. Naruto did not save him.

Is danzo an Uchiha?

he is no way obito uchiha, danzou fought the third hokage and they were rivals and obito was not born back then because his sensei was the fourth and the fourth's sensei was jiraya and jiraya's sensei was the third hokage who was the rival of danzou. 100% true my theory is that he might be madara uchiha's brother. (remember madara took a eye from his brother) he is right obito was already dead watch naruto shippuden episode 119 and 120 it will show kakashi chronicles and it will show obito gets crushed trying to save kakashi madara took both of his brothers eyes not just one and madara was rivals with the third hokage because they used to be friends plus obito was born when the third hokake was alive because the fourth hokage was alive when the third hokage alive and that's not a lie if you watch the first episode of naruto the third hokage is going to be alive and the fourth is going to be dead I'm just sayin, some of that stuff is not true because i saw all of the naruto episodes and I'm waiting for naruto shippuden episode 124 to come out and i read all of the naruto manga so i know whats true and not true about naruto. Danzo is the leader of the anbu black ops in konoha/hidden leaf village.... obito died when he is crushed by a boulder trying to save kakashi....... danzo's right eye is a sharingan eye from uchiha shisui which is implanted to him with the help of orochimaru Besides, if Danzo was really Uchiha Obito, him and Hatake Kakashi would be around the same age. Danzo and Madara are not related. Madara is older than Danzo, it is possible that Danzo and the 3rd Hokage were young gennin/chunnin when Madara was still around Konoha...that would be the most likely way that either Danzo or the 3rd would know of Madara outside of reading historical scrolls.

How do you make sharingans?

Use lenses or photoshop

Is 'Danzo' an Italian word?

Yes, Danzo is an Italian word.

What does Izuna Uchiha's Sharingan do?

The same as all Sharingans