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It hasn't happened in anime, only in manga.

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First time Danzo appear is in Naruto Shippuden Episode 32

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Q: In which episodes of Naruto does Danzo appear?
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What episodes of naruto do sergals appear?

There is no such thing as a 'Sergal' in the Naruto anime.

What episodes does runo yamanaka appear in?

There are no character with that name in Naruto

What episodes does Hanabi appear in Naruto?

She appears in episode 46.

What episode of naruto show Kakashi as a genin?

Kakashi does not appear as an ANBU in any of the naruto episodes though he does appear as an ANBU in a flashback in the first Naruto movie, Ninja clash in the land of snow.

Does Naruto like Danzo?

No because Danzo is a different ninja that uses unknown jutsus to fight others...

What is behind Danzos mask in Naruto shuippdun?

behind Danzo's mask is what Danzo absorbed out of Uchiha Shisui.

Is Danzo on naruto shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?


Who is the 6th Hokage of konoha?

naruto is the 6th hokage because kakashi is sir and a trainer danzo is a fire hibrid so naruto is the 6th hokage because danzo isother base not konoha so naruto is the 6th hokae

How meny Naruto episodes are there?

There are 220 Naruto episodes and 142(and counting) Naruto: Shippuuden episodes.

Who ends up being the sixth Hokage at the end of naruto Shippuden?

The sixth hokage is Danzo.. And it's not in the end of Shippuden. Maybe naruto'll become the 7th hokage (i hope so ^^)Yep, Danzo is the 6th Hokage (I was routing for Kakashi, since Naruto is too young) I hope Tsunade wakes up and kicks Danzo's ass, or at least takes her title back and gives it to Naruto once Sasuke has killed Danzo. Fingers crossed.Yeah, I hope that too ^^ *Please let Naruto become the next hokage ^^ ^^

What episode of naruto shipudden is Danzo's right arm?

Episode 208

What are all of the episodes of Naruto deidara appear in?

The first time he appears is episode 135 as a hologram