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Naruto Shippuden season 10

The actual fight is at episode 209.

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Q: What episode does Sasuke fight danzo?
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What episode does Danzo and Sasuke fight?

This fight between Danzo and Sasuke happens in Naruto Shippuden Episode 209: Danzo's Right Arm. More information about Itachi comes out in this episode as well.

Who wins Sasuke or danzo?

Naruto and Sasuke fight Danzo together and Danzo loses.

What episode does Sasuke kill danzo?

Episode 209.

Does Sasuke kill danzo?

Spoiler Alert!To date, Sasuke has not killed Danzo in the manga or the anime. However, after learning that Pain already destroyed most of Konohagakure, Sasuke's plans change from destroying Konoha to killing all of the Elders who targeted Uchiha Itachi. Danzo is one of the elders, and is the first one that Sasuke targets. (Sasuke travels to the land of iron to kill danzo during the meeting of the five kages, but he is stopped by the raikage, and the outcome of Sasuke's attack is not yet resolved.)Sasuke is then taken to Danzo by Madara to fight. The isn't finished yet, but Itachi showed in the middle of the fight. As a Genjutsu created by Sasuke, but Danzo soon realises it and breaks free using his sharingans.I think u mean Danzo but yes he has killed him now!=D

How does Naruto shipuden end?

sasuke will kill the bad elders and when sakura goes to the fight sasuke with danzo, danzo will atack sakura and sasuke willl proteck her. when they kill danzo together. naruto will come and sasuke they will beat up madara and naruto will became hogage and marry hinata, sasuke will fall in love with sakura. i hope to end like this thanks for reading my answer.

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