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that episode does not exist

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Q: In what episode is presented sasuke and sakura fight?
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In what episode does Gaara fight Sasuke to save sakura?

that episode does not exist

What episode do Sasuke and Naruto fight in front of Sakura?

Episode 107

What episode do Sasuke and sakura fight?

Sasuke and Sakura never fight, Although they have a brief moment that could be considered a fight in the far future of the anime.

What chapter does sakura and Sasuke fight?

chapter 72 episode reunion

What episode of Naruto did Sasuke leave Sakura and fight Naruto?

Naruto episode 109 - Sasuke left Sakura Naruto episode 107-108 - Naruto vs Sasuke Fight 1 Naruto episode 128-134 - Naruto vs Sasuke Fight 2 You might want to skip a few scenes in Naruto and Sasuke's 2nd fight as there are a lot of flashbacks.

What episode did naruto fight Sasuke on rooftop?

If you mean that episode where Sasuke is just recovered and in hospital, it's episode 107. Sasuke challenges Naruto and they fight in the roof of the hospital, while Sakura screaming helplessly.

What episode does Sasuke and sakura fight?

in shiunden in naruto vs sasuke sakura tried to stop it but he almost kill her but referee stop sakura and got stabbed by a sword by saskuke

Does Sasuke fight Sakura?

I think they did ... in Naruto ShippudenI think it was episode 59-63

What episode did naruto sakura and sasuke fight itachi?

they didn't and they won't. Sakura never fought Itachi and Itachi is allready did.

Does sakura fight Sasuke?


What episode is sasuke and narutos fight on?

they fight on episode 107 note: they also fight at the valley of the end on 127-134 but you if you watch the episode at least naruto kept his promise to sakura

Does sakura ever find saskue?

Naruto and Sakura have found sasuke in naruto shippuden episode 50 but he leaves with Orochimaru. Naruto also finds Sasuke in the naruto shippuden movie Bonds. Later naruto, sakura, and kakashi confront Sasuke after Sasuke's fight with Danzo.

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