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The hydraulophone sounds like a Flute or pipe organ but deeper, darker and heavier sounding. It tends to produce a sad and sweet kind of sound like an ensemble of violins or cellos, with a fluidly flowing kind of sound.

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Q: What does the hydraulophone sound like?
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How does an hydraulophone work?

Other instruments make the initial sound from vibrations in solid matter (e.g. strings or percussion), or vibrations in gaseous matter (e.g. wind instruments). With hydraulophones, the sound originates from vibrations in liquid matter, such as water. Thus hydraulophones are neither chordophones (string instruments), membranophones, idiophones, nor aerophones. Hydraulophones are an entire new class of instrument, for which hundreds of different kinds exist, e.g. some are reedless (e.g. waterflutes), some have underwater reeds, some have underwater tonewheels (or valves, etc.), and the like.

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