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can you let me if my car should sound like a racing car

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Q: Your clio sounds like its exhaust is blowing or do they sound like that?
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Where could you find reviews on Clio exhaust systems?

Reviews on Clio exhaust systems can be found from websites such as CarID and K-Tec Racing. These websites offered detailed reviews from users and professionals.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a clio?

Under the car on the front exhaust silencer box.

Where is lambda sensor located on clio 1995?

Lambda is o2 sensor in exhaust pipe.

What is cause of Bluish white smoke from exhaust of diesel clio?

Dont filled oil so that no smoke

Valve clearance clio 1.2 8v 2000?

Inlet 0.10mm Exhaust 0.20mm Cold engine settings.

What are the valve clearances for a 1.2 8v Renault clio?

D7F engine: Inlet: 0.10mm Exhaust: 0.20mm E7F engine: Inlet 0.10mm Exhaust 0.25mm Clearences are when cold,

How do you check oil an water on Renault clio 2000 1.4 petrol?

you need to be double jointed its below the exhaust manifold

How do you check oil level on Renault Clio 1996?

You hire Ron Jeremy to clean the exhaust pipe. We're talking downtown!

What are Renault Clio 1.2 valves clearances?

For D7F 8 valve engines: Intake valves - 0.10mm, Exhaust valves - 0.20mm

What is the valve clearance on a clio 1.4 8 valve engine?

Cold engine settings Inlet 0.10mm Exhaust 0.25mm.

How do you change rear exhaust mounting bracket Renault clio 2001 1.4?

im colin in lincs , on the clio exhaust rear box there is a 3 bolt mounting , on the left hand side of the exhaust box , also before you can remove it , there is a small bolt in the cetre of the mount where it slides onto in the centre of the mounting , about 8 or 9 mm i think , then it just slides off , refitting is a reversal of dismantleing , good luck ,, colin

What is the knocking sound as you drive your Renault clio 1.2 r reg?

most probably piston slap or little ends