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your armpit sounds like nothing,a single armpit cannot make any sound whatsoever

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Q: What does your armpit sound like?
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What fascinating sound can be created using your armpit?

As almost any boy under the age of 17 can tell you, the fascinating sounds of armpit playing include squeaks and rumbles. They often resemble the sound of flatulence.

How do you measure armpit to armpit?

With armpit hair he he he I'm drunk

What part of your body is the axillary region?

no the axillary is part of the appendicular region.

What does an African armpit drum sound like?

Haha, first off they're called African Talking Drums ;D Armpit Drum isn't a terribly appealing name haha! Anyway, they actually sound similar to any other drum except that the pitch fluctuates between high and low notes depending on how hard the percussionist squeezes the drum. They got their name based on the way that the mimic the quality of our speech.

What does armpit hair look like?

like normal hair just growing in your armpits

What is armpit fungus?

its a fungus that on your armpit

Why do you have pain and burning like feeling under your armpit?

i dont, do you? hahahahaha

What does Armpit from small steps look like?

he's African American

It feels like normal hair exept it is sometimes wet or smelly they taste like plauqe.what does armpit hair feel like?

it feels like some hair under your armpit. Most of the time for me its sweaty and wet because I do lots of sport.

How long is the worlds longest armpit hair?

The longest person in the world that has the longest armpit hair was Iwokasha Ban from Iraq who had arm pit hair like an ungroomed.

How do you get character unstuck from wall on House of Anubis Game?

your mommas armpit hair is the key to everything , like she opened h peanut butter jar with her armpit hair

What is the medical term meaning pertaining to the armpit?

Axillary means pertaining to the armpit. Axilla is commonly used to mean armpit in the US, but in UK another name for the armpit is the oxter.axilla = armpits