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Hokage.Believe it!

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Q: What does naruto want to become?
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What episode does Naruto become chunin?

Naruto's not a Chunin, and he hasn't become one yet.

Will Naruto ever be happy?

naruto does become "happier"

Will Sasuke ever become friends with naruto again?

If you want my opinion I think they do... Other people may say "no" but I think they do. naruto commits suicide in the last episode of the book..

Will Naruto become one tailed Naruto in the psp?


Will Uzumaki Naruto eventually become Namikaze Naruto?


Will Naruto become Hokage?


You want a Naruto costume that is free?

yes,i want a free Naruto Costume.. XD

What manga does Naruto become Hokage?

Till now naruto is genin in the manga and has a long way to become hokage.

Is pein on any Naruto games?

no but he will be probably in accel3,or when naruto become jonin

What episode does naruto become three tailed?

Episode 40 of Naruto Shippuden.

Does Naruto become jonin?

Not yet

Will Naruto become stronger?

Of course.