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what does cinna make sure katniss brings into the arena with her

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Q: What does cinna make sure Katniss bring into the arena with her?
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How do the Gamemakers try to entice the tributes and what does Katniss think they have for her?

The Gamemakers try to entice the tributes by putting what they really need in the arena. That makes it a free for all and a bloody battle, which will make the Games more interesting. Katniss knows that what she needs desperately is medicine for Peeta, so that's why she leaves him.

How did Katniss ot on fire?

Because the tribute starts a fire in the middle of the night. The flames could attract the Careers or any other blood thirsty tribute

Why is it important for katniss and Peeta Mellark to be close and make outside friends in the hunger games?

The Hunger Games is a Trilogy so Peeta and Katniss are important because the next two books are based on them and their life. The 3 books are 1. The Hunger Games 2. Mocking Jay 3. Catching Fire

What happens to Peeta and katniss and Peeta after they win the hunger games?

They are taken back to District 12, but because they have sparked a rebellion they are taken into the Hunger Games arena for the Quarter Quell, this year's twist being that previous winners will be reaped, and Katniss is the only girl winner of District 12 so she is guaranteed to be chosen. I won't give anything else away, but let's just say that they make some new friends in the arena.

What are some examples of hyperbole in The Hunger Games?

When Cinna made Katniss' dress look like it was on fire.When the Capitol used fire rain to show that fire can be dangerous, and Katniss is dangerous to the Capitol. They were sending a message to Katniss saying 'Fire can warm you up, but when it is too powerful, it will burn everything in its wake'.When Cato and his followers used so many bombs to protect their food and to blow up anyone who will try to steal their food.When Peeta and Katniss decided to 'kill' themselves by 'eating' the nightlock so that the Capitol will have to make them both the victors and end the game.

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Why is Cinna different from what katniss was expecting?

what does cinna make sure katniss brings into the arena with her

What are some character traits for cina in the hunger games?

Cinna is Katniss' fashion designer for the games and other special events.

What was the reason behind Cinna's choice of dress for katniss?

Cinna wants Katniss to make an impression, instead of the dull outfits from earlier tributes.

How does cinna's outfit for katniss make her look?

That would most likely be her wedding gown that turned into a mockingjay outfit when she twirled around. The white wedding dress was burned away and replaced by feathers that made Katniss look like a mockingjay.

Why does Cinna creates controversial fashions for Katniss further establishing her identity as a rebelin the hunger games?

To make her unforgettable. They new she was gonna be a rebel :)

What happens bad in Catching Fire?

president snow makes peeta propose to Katniss on live telivision and cinna is to make the wedding dress. the dress has a mocking jay on it which the capitol believes to be an act of rebellion. they beat cinna to death as a punishment. president snow tells Katniss he shall kill gale. all victors from previous hunger games must go back to the arena. this is all i can say for now you really should read the book itis fantastic or watch the movie

What is haymitch's reaction to Katniss's behavior toward the gamemaker?

he gave up on Katniss and said "thats that" and "the gamemakers will make life in the arena hell."

What is haymitch's reaction to katniss's behavior toward the gamemakers?

he gave up on Katniss and said "thats that" and "the gamemakers will make life in the arena hell."

Why does katniss have a prep team?

to make her look pretty so that people will want to sponsor her when she is in the hunger games arena

Why did Suzanne Collins kill Prim?

I'm not entirely sure but maybe because it would add drama and make Katniss feel sad like when she killed Rue or Cinna.

If the conflict in Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is that Katniss is trying to make it out of the arena alive than ow is the conflict resolved?

the main conflict is that katniss is trying to get peeta out alive. katniss is the face of the rebellion and she figures it would be better if she were dead rather than peeta. during the game the arena is destroyed, but some of the tributes still survive.

Who goes back into the games in Catching Fire?

Beetee,Katniss,Peeta,and Johanna, all make it out of the arena in catching fire.