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The Gamemakers try to entice the tributes by putting what they really need in the arena. That makes it a free for all and a bloody battle, which will make the Games more interesting. Katniss knows that what she needs desperately is medicine for Peeta, so that's why she leaves him.

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Q: How do the Gamemakers try to entice the tributes and what does Katniss think they have for her?
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What is katniss' initial assessment of how she stands versus the other tributes?

The assessment is usually the opinion of the Gamemakers who have observed the tributes' training since Day 1. The Gamemakers decide the assessment number based on how they think that particular tribute has advanced in their skills

Why did Peeta think the Gamemakers wanted him and Katniss to go to the lake?

To wash out the berries in their mouth

What did Katniss say at the end of her evaluation?

The assessment is usually the opinion of the Gamemakers who have observed the tributes' training since Day 1. The Gamemakers decide the assessment number based on how they think that particular tribute has advanced in their skills

What is the climax in the hunger games by suzanna Collins?

i think its when katniss, peeta, and cato are the only tributes remaning

What is surprising about Katniss score?

Katniss' score was surprising because she received an 11 out of 12, which is extremely good. It also was surprising because Katniss thought that the gamemakers hated her after she shot the apple in their pig's mouth.

How do the jabberjays torture Katniss and finnick?

When Katniss and Finnick go to the next "Hour" of the Clock in the 75th hunger games, the jabberjays are making a screaming sound that is the voice of Prim. Katniss runs towards it, but Finnick stops her. The Jabberjays are at that point making the sound of Prims screams and Finnicks sweetheart, Annie's, cries. They are assured by the others that the gamemakers are doing this to make them think they are dying. But really, the Jabberjays have been sent by the gamemakers.

Why would meeting other tributes make Katniss queasy?

Think about it. Over the next month, she will have killed or watched many of these tributes die. Eventually, some of these tributes will try to kill her. Katniss doesn't want to kill anyone, and as she said in District 12, she doesn't handle injured or dead people very well (even though her mother's a healer).

How does the second rule change affect Katniss?

Claudius Templesmith announces that there may be two victors as long as they are both from the same district. Katniss realizes that her and Peeta can both win if they are the last two tributes alive. Katniss then goes out in search of Peeta so that they can team up.

What do the Gamemakers do to get the game going when they think it is getting boring?

They'll create traps or monsters to go chase the tributes to a certain point where they'll run into one another and then fight. It forces them out of hiding.

Why do you think Peeta Mellark hasn't told the career tributes about Katniss's skills?

Peeta loves Katniss for real, and wants to protect her. If the careers knew about Katniss' skills, it would be easier for them to know her weaknesses and/or how to kill her. Peeta wants to keep Katniss alive without getting himself killed.

How do the gamemakers control the environment and entertainment value of the games?

Every year, the arenas are constructed and put together by the Gamemakers. The Gamemakers have complete and total control over everything within the arena, and they control everything from the control room we see in the movie. The Gamemakers could do absolutely anything they wanted to do to the arena, from growing Tracker Jacker nests to lobbing balls of fire at tributes. Part of a Gamemaker's job is to be creative with their methods of 'torture' when it came to controlling the Games. Anything that happened in the arena was from the hands of a Gamemaker, not any pre-set technology. So, before and during the Games, they had to think of things to do in case things started to get a bit slow or boring in the arena. The Gamemakers' creativity is yet another raindrop in an ocean of reasons why the Hunger Games are such a brutal concept: adults had to come up with ways to scare and sometimes kill teenagers. The actual technology used to control the Games is never actually explained. While we can see it in the Control Room, we only see it being used to track tributes (using the chips injected into their arms on the hovercraft ride to the arena), and to show the canine Muttations before they are sent into the arena.

How are the careers tributes using Peeta?

The Careers use Peeta to figure out what Katniss' skill was that got her the eleven from the Gamekeepers. The Careers also think that Peeta might know Katniss' whereabouts.