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Katniss' score was surprising because she received an 11 out of 12, which is extremely good. It also was surprising because Katniss thought that the gamemakers hated her after she shot the apple in their pig's mouth.

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a mocking jay pin i think

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Q: What is surprising about Katniss score?
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What rules does Katniss live by?

. Katniss puts her family first (prim, her mom) and makes sure that they are safe. In the first book when katniss pulled the thing with the gamemakers for her training score she was more concerned about what would happen to her family and if they would be punished for her actions

What does the pig roast symbolize in the novel hunger games?

In The Hunger Games while Katniss is showing the Gamemakers what she can do to get an over all score. Katniss uses her bow and arrow for her talent, the Gamemakers not paying attention to Katniss but the roasted pig. Then Katniss shoots her bow and arrow at the roasted pig.

Why does Katniss kill cato?

Cato hated Katniss personally because she scored higher than he did. The Career tributes train their whole lives to be in The Hunger Games so they expect a good score. Katniss trained next to none, and she got a better score than he did.

Why does clove hate Katniss so much in the hunger games?

Well it's a match to the death so you would try not like any one. Because you would have to kill them. And Clove had a good chance of winning so wen she sall that Katniss was good she did not like her. Also Clove is just a bitter person. That the only things I can think of.

What does katniss believe will be the consequences of her actions at the private audition with the game makers?

1. Katniss believes that the consequences for her actions might be arresting her, executing her, cutting her tongue turning her into an avox. Katniss thinks to her self that she wasn't trying to kill them she was just angry that they were ignoring her, if she was trying to kill them they'd be dead.

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What was Katniss's training score?

Katniss got an 11 on her training score

What is Peeta and Katniss's score?

Katniss has a 12 and he had a 8

What is Katniss's score in the Hunger Games?

Peeta and Katniss both get a 12 making Hunger Games history but the reason the Head Gamemaker did this was because he wanted the other tributes to help Katniss and prepare for the escape, which Katniss wasnt aware of.

What was the score katniss got?

11; it's out of 12

What is significance of the score given to each tribute what is Peeta and Katniss score?

The score that each tribute is given is the show how skilled that tribute is. By getting a high score you get more support from the people in the capitol and they will feel more inclined to sponsor you and donate money to buy you things in the games e.g. Katniss received medicine in the 74th games.

How katniss believe gale would respond to her score?

they thought they would kill her family

How are career tributes using Peeta?

They want to use him to lead them to Katniss and find out the secret of her high score from him.

In the 74th Hunger Games Katniss got a score of 11 in the 75th hunger game what did Peeta Mellark and Katniss get?

Because when she shot an arrow at them, more specifically the roasted pig they were distracted by instead of paying attention to her, Katniss's feistiness was shown and that was what caused the Gamemakers to give her the highest score

What is the significance of score given to each tribute?

to show the people what they can do peeta:8 katniss:11

Who are the gamemakers how did katniss's private session go?

it went well enough to get her a score of 11in the book and movie

Who are the gamemaker and how did katniss private session go?

it went well enough to get her a score of 11in the book and movie

Who are the gamemakers how did katniss private sessions go?

it went well enough to get her a score of 11in the book and movie