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She refers to him as "Charlie", in her head and with other people. She only calls him "Dad" to his face.

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Q: What does Bella usually call her dad?
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Why does Bella call her dad Charlie?

Because she doesn't feel close enough to Charlie to call him Dad.

Does Bella's dad know that Edward is a vampire?

No, Bella's dad Charlie doesn't know at all.

What is Bella's family's names?

Bella, and her dad Charlie and her mom renee and her step dad Phil

Did Minta usually call her father Dad and Pops?


Does Bella's dad get killed?


Why is edward the dad of Bella's baby?

Becaue ebward "did it" with bella.

What is the name of Bella's new dad?

The name of Bella' new "dad" or mostly her mother's new husband is PHIL.

How did Bella thorn's dad die?

Bella's dad died in a car crash in 2007.

Is charlie going to be a virgin for life?

If you mean Bella's dad in Twilight, how do you think Bella became... Charlie is her dad... get it yet...

What is Bella Swans nationality?

Bella Swan was born in Forks but her mother took her to Arizona when she divorced Bella's dad