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edward cullen's hair is always described as bronze.

so i guess his hair color is bronze.

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he has reddish brown hair.

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Q: What colour hair does Edward Cullen have?
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What is edward Cullen's haircut?

Edward Cullen has tousled bronze hair

What colour is the couch in Edward Cullen's room?


What is Edward Cullen favourite colour on Bella?

Edward's favorite color on Bella is blue

What is Edward Cullen's hair like?

Edward Cullen's hair is reddish-brown and sticks up at the top. The sides are slicked back and it makes him look absolutely gorgeous! <3

In Edward Cullen's room what colour is his sofa?

movie=white book=black

What were the colour of Edward Cullen's eyes when he was human?

Edwards eyes were Green when he was human.

What is Edward Cullen's favorite Colour?

probably either pink or very pale blue

How can I make my hair like Edward Cullen's?

a whole lot of gel I guess

What colour are Edward Cullen's eyes?

black when hes thirsty and cold when hes drank his animal blood.

Is Edward Cullen faster?

Yes Edward Cullen

Does Edward Cullen have a cow?

No, Edward Cullen does not have a cow.

Who is more famous chewbacca or Edward Cullen?

Chewbacca, since not everyone knows who Edward Cullen is