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Q: What color were Edwards eyes before he was a vampire?
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What color are Edwards eyes before he is changed?

Edwards eyes are green before he is changed into a vampire by Carlisle.

Edward Cullen's eyes before he became vampire?

edward cullen's <3 eyes before he became a vampire were the color green

What color were Edward eyes before Carlisle turned him into a vampire?

Edward's eyes were green

What color was Edward Cullen eyes before he became a vampire?


In twilight why are Edwards eyes red?

Edwards eyes are not red, they are golden. Whenever a "vegetarian" vampire is full, their eyes are golden. The vampires that drink human blood have red eyes when they're full. All vampire's eyes go black when they're hungry.

What color eyes did Edward of twilight have before he was a vampire?

Edward had emerald-green eyes, like his mother, Elizabeth Mason.

What color are Edwards human eyes?

Edward's human eyes are green

What color are Bella's vampire eyes?

In the book Bella's eyes are red but on Google it shows her vampire eyes as gold!?

What color are vampire eyes?

Vampires eyes can be any color, the different vampire books have their vampire's eyes different. They can change color depending on hunger (thirst), or they could be the exact same color as they were in their human life, they might also be the same color but be a little brighter than their original color.

Why does Edwards eyes turn red in new moon?

Vampire eyes turn red when they taste human blood

What color were edward culen's eyes?

Edwards eyes was like a golden brown

What color is Edwards eyes after he hunts?

Edwards eyes are hazel after he hunts and they get darker all the way to black when he needs to hunt again

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