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Q: What colors were Edwards human eyes?
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What color are Edwards human eyes?

Edward's human eyes are green

What were the colour of Edward Cullen's eyes when he was human?

Edwards eyes were Green when he was human.

What colour were Edward's eyes when he was human?

Edwards eyes were green when he was a human.

What colour were Edward27s eyes when he was human?

Edwards eyes were stripy purple, blue and yellow.

How many colors can the human eye distinguish?

human eyes are capable of distinguishing 7,000 colors

Why does Edwards eyes turn red in new moon?

Vampire eyes turn red when they taste human blood

In twilight why are Edwards eyes red?

Edwards eyes are not red, they are golden. Whenever a "vegetarian" vampire is full, their eyes are golden. The vampires that drink human blood have red eyes when they're full. All vampire's eyes go black when they're hungry.

What colors can human eyes be?

blue green brown and black

In twilight why do Edwards eyes change colors?

# "Their eyes are decribed as honey or golden, But when they are hungry they are a dark brown and black you don't even see the pupils." # He is a Vampire.

What explains why human eyes come in a variety of colors?

put a answrer

Who was the first person to invent colors?

Colors, as the human eyes see them, do not actually exist as such. What the human eyes perceives is the refraction of light off a surface is actually what we call color. What is red to the human eye is purple to a bee, etc.

Why can our eyes only be certain colours?

The colors that can appear within the human genome are regulated by the genes that code for specific colors. The human eye-color is limited by what colors the genes can code for.

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