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Edwards eyes was like a golden brown

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Q: What color were edward culen's eyes?
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What color were Edward eyes before Carlisle turned him into a vampire?

Edward's eyes were green

What color are Edwards human eyes?

Edward's human eyes are green

What color was edward's eyes when Bella's first saw him in class?

Edward's eyes were black when Bella first saw him.

What color were edward's eyes when he was human in twilight?


What color eyes did Edward of twilight have before he was a vampire?

Edward had emerald-green eyes, like his mother, Elizabeth Mason.

What color were Edward's eyes when Bella first saw them?

If Edward is thirsty, his eyes turn black and he has these dark shades under his eyes. If Edward is 'full', his eyes turn butterscotch color. But, if a vampire drinks human blood, his or her eyes turn red. Usually, Edward's eyes are topaz color, described by Bella.

Edward Cullen's eyes before he became vampire?

edward cullen's <3 eyes before he became a vampire were the color green

What Twilight book tells us the color of Edward's human eyes?

In the Twilight series, the color of Edward's human eyes is mentioned in the first book, "Twilight." His eyes are described as a greenish color when he was a human.

What color was Edward Cullen eyes before he became a vampire?


What are edward's eye color?

What...IS...Edward's eye color. His eyes where originally green, but after he became a "vegetarian" vampire, his eyes range between bright gold when he's full and coal black when's her starving.

What is Angelina Jolie's favorite gem?

She said it was either Topaz or Onyx, depending on Edward's eye color.

What are the color of Edward's eyes when he is a vampire?

warm butterscothch wen wel fed