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glowing red

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Q: What Color Eyes Does A New Born Vampire Have?
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What color are new born vampire eyes in twilight?


How can a woman produce a baby with pretty eyes?

if the guy have brown eyes and the girl have blue eyes. what color eyes will the new born have ?

What color are the babies eye color in breaking dawn?

Red because its a new born and the new born's eyes are red shoeing they are craving for blood. Plush Jacob imprinted on her.

Does Bella Swan turn into a good a bad vampire because when she woke up her eyes were red and black?

Bella only has red eyes because she is a new born vampire and all newborns start off like that but the more animal blood she drinks the more yellow her eyes get

How did breaking dawn part one end?

bella dies but edward bites her several times to try and make her a vampire then she opens her eyes and they are red and she is a new born vampire then it brings up the credits

Why does Edwards eyes turn red in new moon?

Vampire eyes turn red when they taste human blood

Why does Bella have red eyes in Breaking Dawn?

She's a new born vampire. Therefore, She has never had animal blood, only her human blood from transforming.

What color eyes was laurent's in new moon?

Laurent's eyes are red in the new moon movie.

What color eyes does tintin have in the new move?

Tintin have green eyes in the movie.

What color do Laurent's eyes have in New Moon?

he has red eyes in new moon and in twilight he acts good but he is bad in new moon

What is the colour of eyes of new born kitten?

Kittens are born with blue eyes.

When do new born puppies their eyes?

If you mean "When do new born puppies open their eyes?" If so then 12 days after birth.

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