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Q: Witch nomad vampire does the wolves kill in new moon?
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Why is Caius afraid of the wolves in Twilight New Moon?

In New Moon, we are introduced to the Volturi (which, Caius is one of the leaders of). We are also more introduced to the Quileute pack, and what the link is between the vampires and the werewolves. Werewolves are the only thing strong enough to destroy a vampire, besides another vampire. Vampires are basically the only thing that can kill a werewolf because the venom is extremely poisonous to them and kills the wolf instead of transforming them into another vampire. Caius realizes how powerful the Quileute pack is, and that is why he is "afraid" of the wolves.

Which would win in a fight between a wolf and lioness?

It really depends on how strong/large the wolves are and how strong/large the lion is.Another AnswerThe lion would win the fight with the two wolves because it has the strength of killing a siberian tiger, while two wolves would have difficulties with. Two wolves are not strong enough to kill a lion, but four or more wolves would totally kill a lion. Even if the two wolves are strong and large, the lion would still kill them, but it could get injured.

Do the vampires kill Jacob in eclipse?

No, Edward kills Victoria after they fight. Jacob and the other wolves do help the Cullens attack the other newborn vampire army that Victoria raised.

Who killed Felix in breaking dawn part 2?

Felix is kill by Leah the wolves

Can a wolf kill a gorilla?

Theoretically yes, but it would require a very large pack to do so. Even still, it would be quite diminished by the time the tiger could be brought down. At that point, such a kill may not even be worth it to the wolves. tigers are way stronger than wolves if a tiger bite a wolf the wolf gonna try to get up but its not gonna make it its gonna be dead.

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The wolfpack kill which nomad vampire in twilight?

The black one.

The wolf pack kills which nomad vampire?

the wolf pack kill laurant

Witch is better than werewolf or vampire?

Ok. This is a view of someone who for the record hasn't watched twilight. Vampires. U can change into a bat, make more vampires, and kill people. Werewolfs are just big wolves.

How do you killl a vampire?

There are many ways to kill a normal vampire however the most common one is to drive a wooden stake through the creatures heart. Another is to inject quite a lot of vervain into the vampire which will burn away at its insides. You can also expose it to the sun however if it is wearing any form of lapis it will not burn unless it is taken off them. One that will kill anything is to take out it's heart, but that is an obvious but hard task. The way to kill an original vampire is to have a stake made from the wood of the only white oak tree or dip a wooden dagger into the ashes from the white oak. You can also take out it's heart and the final way that you can kill an original vampire, or anything for that mater, is for a witch with the power of 100 witches to kill the vampire with it's natural powers. However if the witch does harness enough power to kill the original the witch also will die!

Do wolves kill wolves?

Yes, wolves kill other wolves, usually for territorial reasons.Yes, wolves will kill wolves from other packs, as well as adult lone wolves.

What weapons are used to kill wolves in US?

it is ellegal to kill wolves in the US

Why do vampires hate ware wolves?

It is said that vampires hate werewolves because the werewolf is the only natural enemy of the vampire. Out of every "creation" it is said that only the werewolf could truly kill the vampire in the "wild"

What is a sport kill by a wolves?

The wolves are not killing because they are hungry, they sport kill for the excitement of the chase and the kill.

How do you kill in vampire wars?

WE can kill a vampire using a silwer sword

What is needed to kill a vampire?

You can't kill a vampire - it is already dead.

What animals hunt the gray wolves?

No animals hunt gray wolves except for humans. Sometimes, however, bears may kill wolves, or wolves may kill other wolves.

Why are there no wolves in 1995?

There were wolves in 1995 and there are still wolves.