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Jacob kisses her against her will in chapter fifteen (page 330) of Eclipse.

They kiss again in chapter twenty-three (page 526).

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The fifth book in the chapter titled: The Eye Of The Snake

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in the middle of the reckening they do indeed have long sofft kiss then another

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Q: What chapter do Jacob and Bella kiss?
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In witch chapter in eclipse does Jacob kiss Bella Does she get mad?

In Chapter 15 Jacob kisses Bella against her will, she gets pissed and punches Jacob managing to break her hand. Charlie finds it funny (-_-). Edward gets pissed and tells Jacob he needs to wait for Bella to tell him (Jacob) to kiss her.

In what chapter of Twilight did Bella punch Jacob?

umm. i dont remember exactly what chapter it was but if this helps it was when Jacob kissed Bella when she didn't want him to kiss her so she punched him in the face and broke her hand doing it

Does Bella kiss Jacob after she gets married?

No, but in Eclipse Bella and Jacob kiss.

What chapter do Bella and Jacob kiss in?

i am not sure what the number is but the chapter is called "Port Angles" and begins on pg 157(i think). After Edward saved Bella they went and technically went on a date when they had supper together.

In Breaking Dawn do Renesmee and Jacob kiss?

No. Bella and Jacob do not kiss before "Eclipse". In chapter 18 of "New Moon", Bella and Jacob are standing in her kitchen discussing how their friendship is suffering because of Bella's continuing love for the Cullens. After that, they stand there holding each other, and then Jacob begins to lean in to kiss her (which is interrupted by a phone call from Edward believing Bella is dead). The first kiss doesn't actually occur until chapter 15 of "Eclipse". Jacob declares his love for Bella and tells her that he wants her to choose him over Edward. She tells Jacob that Edward is her whole life, but then Jacob reminds her of when Edward left, and how Jacob was her rock and best friend. He tells her that he won't stop fighting for her, and then suddenly kisses her. After attempting to push him away, (to no avail), she becomes motionless and waits for him to stop. Once he finished, she rears back and punches him only to hurt herself.

In which chapter does Jacob say he loves Bella?

Jacob tells Bella he loves her on the last page of chapter 14.

When Bella and Jacob kiss?


When do Bella and Jacob kiss?

In Eclipse

Does Bella ever kiss Jacob in breaking dawn?

no Bella didn't kiss Jacob in Breaking Dawn coz she marries Edward

What chapter does Jacob find out Bella is pregnant?

In Book 2: Jacob. The chapter lasts throughout Bella's pregnancy to her childbirth.

Does Jacob and Bella kiss in eclipses?

Yes they do before the battle starts. Before that they kiss at La Push but Bella is mad and punches Jacob

Do Jacob and Bella kiss in the movie New moon?

No ,but Jacob kisses Bella in Eclipse and Bella breaks her handIn the movie they were close to kissing but it never happened and yes Jacob does kiss Bella in eclipse and she breaks her hard from trying to punch him. She soon asks him to kiss her in the same book