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Jacob kisses her against her will in chapter fifteen (page 330) of Eclipse.

They kiss again in chapter twenty-three (page 526).

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Q: What chapter do Jacob and Bella kiss?
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What chapter do Bella and Jacob kiss in?

Bella and Jacob kiss numerous times in many books. While Bella enjoys kissing him, she does not enjoy it as much as kissing Edward.

What chapter did Bella ask Jacob to kiss her?

Chapter 23: Monster Book: Eclipse.

In witch chapter in eclipse does Jacob kiss Bella Does she get mad?

In Chapter 15 Jacob kisses Bella against her will, she gets pissed and punches Jacob managing to break her hand. Charlie finds it funny (-_-). Edward gets pissed and tells Jacob he needs to wait for Bella to tell him (Jacob) to kiss her.

Does Bella kiss Jacob after she gets married?

No, but in Eclipse Bella and Jacob kiss.

In What Chapter Did Bella Punch Jacob?

umm. i dont remember exactly what chapter it was but if this helps it was when Jacob kissed Bella when she didn't want him to kiss her so she punched him in the face and broke her hand doing it

What is the song in Jacob and Bella kiss in New Moon?

Jacob and Bella don't kiss.

In Eclipse do Jacob and Bella kiss?

Yes, in Eclipse, Jacob and Bella have their first kiss because they've never kissed each other before. The first time, in Chapter 15: Wager, Jacob kissed Bella right after he told her that he loved her and she tried to punch him- but broke her hand. Then, later, in Chapter 23: Monster, Bella wants Jacob to stay with her. Bella didn't want Jacob to leave, and so she asked if they could kiss. They did, and Jacob released, and told her that she wasn't doing good enough. Bella got mad at that and tried to pull his hair, as a threat, but Jacob took it has a flirt, and started to kiss her more passionately now, and Bella realized that she loved Jacob a lot. So, in Eclipse, they kiss twice. They haven't kissed before that.

What is the review on the second chapter of eclipse by Stephenie Meyer?

The chapter is about Edward and Bella and Jacob!!The chapter is about Edward and Bella and Jacob!!

In which chapter does Jacob say he loves Bella?

Jacob tells Bella he loves her on the last page of chapter 14.

When Bella and Jacob kiss?


When do Bella and Jacob kiss?

In Eclipse

Why did Jacob kiss Bella in eclipse?

Jacob kissed Bella because Bella asked him to kiss her because Jacob was trying to kill himself so Bella tried to stop him but he wouldn't and Bella had no choice the only thing that makes him alive is that Jacob kissing Bella.

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