What bad news did Roac bring?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Roac brought both good and bad news to the Dwarves. The good news was that Smaug was dead. The bad news (to Thorin & Co. anyway) was that the Wood-elves and the Lake Men were marching on the Lonely Mountain to claim a portion of the treasure reclaimed from Smaug's hoard. Naturally, this was quite offensive to Thorin, who indignantly replied: "But none of our gold shall thieves take or the violent carry off while we are alive."

Here is the quote from The Hobbit: 'The Gathering of the Clouds'

"So much for joy, Thorin Oakenshield. You may go back to your halls in safety; all the treasure is yours--for the moment. But many are gathering hither besides the birds. The news of the death of the Guardian has already gone far and wide, and the legend of the wealth of Thror was not lost in the telling during many years; many are eager for a share of the spoil. Already a host of elves is on the way, and carriorn birds are with them hoping for battle and slaughter. By the lake men murmur that their sorrows are due to the dwarves; for they are homeless and many have died, and Smaug has destroyed their town. They too think to find amends from your treasure, whether you are alive or dead.

"We would see peace once more among dwarves and men and elves after the long desolation; but it may cost you dear in gold. I have spoken."

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Q: What bad news did Roac bring?
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