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Because he doesn't believe that someone has defeated Smaug & that he is dead.

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Q: Why does Thorin reject Roac's advice?
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What two things does Gandalf give Thorin?

Gandalf is worried that Smaug may become an ally to the newly returned Sauron.

When was Thorin born?

Jeffrey Thorin was born in 1961.

Why does thorin reject bards demands?

Thorin is suffering from 'gold sickness', the gold in the treasury has become tainted with the power of greed. This is partly due to having had Smaug resting on it for 200 years, but partly because there may be one of rings of power buried beneath the hoard, one of the seven given to the dwarven kings.

What was the gold chain that Gandalf gave to Thorin?

{| |- | Gandalf did not give Thorin a gold chain. Gandalf gave Thorin the key that he had gotten from Thorin's father. Thorin then took the key and placed it on a gold chain that he was wearing around his neck. |}

Where is Thorin located?

Thorin is not a place, he is a dwarf, son of Thror.

When was Thorin Oakenshield created?

Thorin Oakenshield was created in 1937.

When did Olof Thorin die?

Olof Thorin died in 2004.

When was Jeffrey Thorin born?

Jeffrey Thorin was born in 1961.

Why was Thorin captured?

Which thorin. I am not sure so I cannot answer your question.

Where did thorin get the key to open the door?

Thorin's father, Thrain, gave the key to Gandalf, who gave it to Thorin

Are Bilbo and Thorin related?

No they are not. Bilbo is simple hobbit from the Shire, Thorin is a dwarf.