How old is Roac?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In Chapter XV, "The Gathering of the Clouds," Roac tells Thorin that "It is a hundred and three and fifty years since I came out of the egg;" in other words, Roac is 153 by the time of The Hobbit.

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Q: How old is Roac?
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Who is Roac from 'The Hobbit'?

An old raven, son of Carc, chief of all ravens.

What wise advice did Roac give Thorin in the hobbit?

Roac, son of Carc, brought the news that the dragon Smaug had been killed in Lake-town by Bard the bowman.

What did Thorin ask Roac to do?

Thorin asked Roac and the ravens to provide them information and carry messages. They brought the news the Smaug had been killed. They also took messages to Dain and kept them connected.

Why does Thorin reject Roac's advice?

Because he doesn't believe that someone has defeated Smaug & that he is dead.

How do you know that the thrush can understand dwarf and hobbit speech in 'The Hobbit'?

Balin mentions that he could understand the speech of Ravens. The Thrush flies off and returns with a Raven named Roac. He is such an intelligent old bird he speaks in the Common tongue and we never find out if the dwarves can understand Raven speech.

What news did Roac bring the besieged dwarves?

Why isn’t Bilbo found until the day after the battle

How did Ravenhill get its name?

Ravenhill was a watchpost of the dwarves and got its name from a wise and famous pair of ravens that lived above the guard chamber. The male raven was Carc, father of Roac.

In The Hobbit who is the orc chief?

Roac, son of Carc, is the chief of Ravens of Ravenhill near the Lonely Mountain. He told the Dwarves how Smaug had been defeated.

Who does Smaug tell Bilbo not to trust?

Smaug tells Bilbo not to trust dwarves:In return for the excellent meal [of the Company's ponies] I will give you one piece of advice for your good: don't have more to do with dwarves than you can help!Smaug-The Hobbit: "Inside Information"

Why do you think Thorin does not listen to Roäc from The Hobbit?

"Pride goeth before the fall." Dwarves are always being described as thick-necked, stubborn and prideful. Thorin Oakenshield can't just "let it go," when Roac suggests that he put aside his greed and share the wealth of Smaug's hoard.

What did the Elven King think would happen to the dwarves in The Hobbit?

Elvenking reponded that the smaug would tell if they are going to steal

What piece of wise advice does roac the ancient raven have for thorin?

He said " to not trust the Master of the lake-men, but rather him that shot the dragon with his bow. Bard is he. of the race of Dale, of the line of Girion; he is a grim man but true.