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Volvo c30

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Volvo S60R

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Q: What Volvo was used in the movie Twilight?
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What kind Volvo did Edward Cullen used in the movie twilight?

Edward Cullen drove a silver Volvo S60 R in the Twilight movie franchise.

What is the number plate of edward's Volvo c30 in the movie twilight?

57f 6d3

Where can you get Edward Cullens car?

In the movie, Twilight, Edward Cullens drove a Volvo. Volvo did an advertising campaign featuring Twilight. Edward also had a Aston Martin V12 Vanquish for special occasions.

What is edward' Cullen car?

Edward Cullen drives a silver Volvo XC60 in the Twilight series.

What are the props used in the movie Twilight?

Some of the props used in the movie Twilight include meadow scenes with flowers, the Cullen family's iconic Volvo car, Bella's truck, and various vampire-related items such as red contact lenses and fake blood.

What cars appeared in the movie twilight?

Edwards car is a Volvo Bella's truck is an 55 Chevy

What car did Edward steal at the end of Twilight?

Edward Cullen drives a Subaru. that is not true he drives a Volvo Edward Cullen drives a 2009 Silver Mitalic C30 Volvo. He drives nothing else in TwilightEdit: In the movie, Edward (Pattinson) drives a Volvo C30. If you don't believe me (and have seen the movie) look up an image of the car and you can see it's a C30 model in the film adaptation. It might have been a different car in the book, but I'm not too sure, but I can guarantee it's a Volvo C30 in the film. Hope this helped. Twilight rocks!A shiny, silver Volvo.A Volvo C30 - Soccer mom's car - Switch to Jacob!Silver Volvo C30

Which piano did they used in the movie twilight?

It was a Yamaha

What car does carslile drive in twilight?

A volvo.

What is Edward's car?

Edward drives a silver Volvo in the Twilight series.

What is a symbol in the book Twilight?

an apple and a silver Volvo

Which car was edward driving in twilight?

in thi film of twilight edwarddrives a silver Volvo C30. in new moon film he drives a black Volvo X60 jeep.