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It happens twice, the first time on page 330, and the second on page 526.

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Q: What Twilight book does Jacob kiss Bella?
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Do Edward Cullen and Jacob Black kiss int The Twilight Saga?

Edward kisses Bella in all the twilight saga. Jacob was so close to kiss Bella in new moon!!!(TEAM JACOB RULES!!!)

Do Bella and Jacob kiss in Twilight?

no, they don't in the first book. They only do properly near the end in book three but Jacob forces kisses on Bella a few times in books 2, 3 and at the very begining of 4 but Bella is not willing.

Why do Jacob and Bella kiss in Twilight?

Bella is confused and realizes that she loves Jacob too. But at the end, she knows her heart belongs with Edward.

Do Edward and Bella kiss in the book Twilight?


What page in the twilight book does Bella make out with edward?

in twilight, Bella and edward kiss on page 282

Does Bella kiss Jacob in the the fourth book- Breaking Dawn?


Does Bella kiss Jacob after she gets married?

No, but in Eclipse Bella and Jacob kiss.

Book in which happens the first kiss between Jacob and Bella?


How many times do Bella and edward kiss in the twilight book?

In the very first one, Twilight, they kiss seven times

What is the song in Jacob and Bella kiss in New Moon?

Jacob and Bella don't kiss.

Do Jacob and Bella kiss in the movie New moon?

No ,but Jacob kisses Bella in Eclipse and Bella breaks her handIn the movie they were close to kissing but it never happened and yes Jacob does kiss Bella in eclipse and she breaks her hard from trying to punch him. She soon asks him to kiss her in the same book

Does Bella kiss Jacob in New Moon?

No, but he does in the upcoming book He is about to when the phone rang. THANK GOD FOR PHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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