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In the movie Twilight, Bella, Edward, and James are the main characters.

It also depends on if you want the book answer or the movie answer. The book is very diffrent.

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The main characters of twilight are Edward and Bella. But towards the end James comes. But he is not the main character.

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Q: Who are the main characters Twilight?
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Why are the main characters in the book twilight important?

Because they are the main characters.

What are the characters in Twilight?

Bella Cullen and Edward are the main characters.

What are the Main Characters in the book Twilight?

Bella and Edward Rabies13

Who are the 3 main characters in Twilght?

Bella, Edward and Jacob. are the main characters in twilight.

What Walmart did the Main characters of Twilight appear at?

the wal-mart in Pennsylvania

What are the characters for new moon by Stephenie Meyer?

most of the main characters in new moon are the same as twilight

Are they going to have the same characters for the whole Twilight saga?

The characters are mostly the same. A lot of characters are added but the main characters stay the same.

Is the Twilight series for children?

NO! in the last book the two main characters have sex!

What is the main characters like in twilight?

a random old hobbo found on the street

How do you know that they are the main characters in twilight?

You can tell Edward Cullen, Isabella Swan, and Jacob Black are the 3 main characters because when you read the books they are the most important!

Who is the main character in My Little Pony?

The six main characters are....Twilight SparkleRainbow DashFluttershyApplejackRarityPinkie Pie

How many characters were mentioned in Twilight?

There were 72 characters mentioned in Twilight.