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Q: Who is the characters in the convicts' twilight?
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How many characters were mentioned in Twilight?

There were 72 characters mentioned in Twilight.

Ingredents of characters in twilight?

i dont know what you mean by ingredients of twilight characters. please explain the question, so that i can answer it i am a HUGE twilight freak!!!!!!!

Why are the important characters in twilight important?

Important characters in Twilight are important because they hold a significance to the novel

Which genre includes characters that are convicts criminals or assassins?

True crime has such characters, and so do a lot of mysteries.

Will all the original characters be in all The Twilight Saga movies?

Yes the original characters will be in the Twilight saga movies and there will be more characters in the new movies.

What are the characters in Twilight?

Bella Cullen and Edward are the main characters.

Did the characters in twilight wear contacts?

They do

Why are the main characters in the book twilight important?

Because they are the main characters.

What characters in twilight are unpopular?

Rosalie, Jasper,

Does the Twilight cast need more characters?

no it does not

Who are the major characters in twilight?

Bella and Edward

Why were the characters in twilight included?

Included? Included in what?