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Yes at the end there is a fight between james(the tracker) and the one of the main characters edward

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Q: Is there a vialance in twilight?
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What is the first Twilight book called?

The first book is just Twilight."Twilight" is the first book in the Twilight series.

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Why is Twilight Movie titled 'Twilight'?

Because the movie Twilight is based of the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and In the books twilight is seen as the safest time of day for vampires.

Where can you read Twilight by Stephanie?

You Can Read Twilight By Stephanie Meyer In The Book Twilight

What was the difference in setting in twilight movie and twilight novel?

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Is twilight only in theathers?

No, Twilight originally is a book belonging to the Twilight Saga.

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There is no Catherine in Twilight.

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