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episode 1 , 46 ,47, 48, 49 and episode 50 these are the first few episodes heres a link for free episodes

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You see sasuke in episode 1 but episode 54 is when you really see him

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nauro first se him in episod 50

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 54 :)

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Q: What Naruto Shippuden episode does Shippuden Sasuke first appear?
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When does Sasuke appear after he goes to orochimaru?

Shippuden episode 46

When will Sasuke appear in the naruto anime on tv?

Sasuke appears in the first anime episode of Naruto.

Which naruto episode does team 8 first appear?

The Target Appears episode 97 of Naruto Shippuden

Which naruto episode do the Ame Orphans appear?

Naruto shippuden episode 128 Jiraiya ninja scroll part two

Will Sora from naruto Shippuden appear in another episode?

Maybe yes because he's a pseudo jinnchuriki and he forms part of naruto's chakra .if he doesn't appear in shippuden is there will be another naruto saga maybe he will appear even if he doesn't appear in the manga

In what episode of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden dose Hinata appear?

there are a few times hinata appear in naruto, too many to be listed. as for shippuden, try episode 90 onwards where team 7 goes on a mission with team 8 and episode 166 where hinata fights with pain (if you are a big fan of hinata, i suggest you dont watch this episode) go wikipedia and type "list of nauto episodes" or "list of naruto shippuden episodes for more details.

What episode does sasukes susano'o appear in?

in episode 203 of naruto shippuden saskues susano is seen in its 1st stage

Where is Sasuke in Naruto movie 2?

If you are talking about the movie "bonds", he plays a major roll half way through.

In What Shippuden episode does minato appear in?

that's Naruto Shippuden not Inuyasha and i think the answer is somewhere in 240's when Naruto's fighting Pain Wrong its episode 168 but watch 166-168...that the best part i think

In which episodes of Naruto does Danzo appear?

It hasn't happened in anime, only in manga.

Which Shippuden episodes after episode 15 does Itachi Uchiha appear?

I believe he appeared in episode 113, 114, 121, 123-126 and in his fight with sasuke

When does ino yamanaka appear the second time in naruto shippudenn?

like in season 2 of Naruto shippuden i think in episode 33 or 34