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in episode 203 of naruto shippuden saskues susano is seen in its 1st stage

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Q: What episode does sasukes susano'o appear in?
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What episode does itachi tell naruto sasukes plan?

Shippuden 152

When does sasukes retrieval arc end?

Chapter 238/Original episode 135.

Who is sasukes brother?

Itachi and great thought sasuke tries to kill him from episode 1

When does Sasuke use tsukuyomi?

Probably in Shippuden episode 143. Also he needs Tsukuyomi in order to use Susanoo

Why did naruto kiss Sasuke?

someone bumped into narutos butt,wille he was ontop of sasukes desk,in episode three.

Does susanoo have a wife?

Susanoo is not is a Technique using the mangekyu Sharinggan..TsUkoyumi+Amaterasu= SUSANOO..

What does Susanoo-no-Mikoto mean?

Susanoo's Amaterasu - Susanoo is Huge Skeleton , a jutsu created by itachi sama using his sharingan

When was Shimane Susanoo Magic created?

Shimane Susanoo Magic was created in 2009.

In what episode does kirakishou appear?

episode 12

Is susanoo in Naruto imaginary?


Why did they delete the kissing episode of Sasuke and sakura?

Did you mean in the 3rd episode? They wasn't kissing. Naruto put Sasukes form on with henge no jutsu and he waned to kiss Sakura but... he had a little problem with his stomach at that moment so he rushed to the toilet.

What episode does magasuhi appear in inuyasha?

Episode 17