Was leia scared of jabba

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I don't know if "scared" is the right word. She was probably worried about what was going to happen to her as well as about what was going to happen to Luke, Han, and Chewie. But she wasn't scared in the sense of being frightened.

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Q: Was leia scared of jabba
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Did Jabba stroke Leia's plait?

I highly doubt it.

Did Jabba ever cuddle Leia?

I don't believe Jabba the Hutt was in love with Princess Leia but rather he just wanted a slave. It's never really determined what kind of slave she is but at the very least he was just holding her captive.

Why does jabba the hutt want to strip Princes leia naked?

Leia was put into a collar because Jabba wanted to keep her as one of his girls, after she tried to free Han Solo, whom Jabba had frozen into carbonate after he failed to pay Jabba the money he owed him.

Did Leia ever tell anybody about her time at Jabba's palace?

Not exactly a very precise question. Did Jabba every speak to Leia? Of course, and in the film there are several, instances of Jabba talking talking to her. But did the two ever carry out a long conversation? Probably not. As a slave, Leia was meant to keep quiet and most of what Jabba said to her were orders and short sentences. Also it would have been very difficult to converse considering they both spoke different languages.

Did Slave Leia view Jabba as her master?

Probably not. She probably viewed him as someone who was keeping her just for entertainment and she was mostly concerned on how to get out of his grasp. However, consider this. On the Sail Barge, en route to the would-be execution of her friends, Leia was standing some 6+ feet away from Jabba's throne, when he yanked her chain. At first she gave him a defiant glare (further confirming the above theory), but when Jabba tugged again, Leia was pulled back from the window. What we see in the film appears to be her "being pulled close" to him; however, slowing it down to frame-by-frame glances, we can see that Leia had to turn around, run to the throne, jump up onto it, straighten up before Jabba, and subsequently press her lower body up against his belly before leaning in...and only then does she turn her head away. This suggests that she knew how to respond to Jabba's chain-yanking, making an automatic reaction of coming to him and pressing up close; she was too far away to be simply "pulled to" him. This active response would indicate that she had become accustomed to Jabba's advances, furthering the possibility that perhaps, yes, she DID view him as her superior...or, as the question phrased it, her "Master."

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Who is Leia Jabba the Hutt?

jabba dressed up as leia

Did leia dance for jabba?

It basically depends on what you mean by your question. Would Leia dance for Jabba if Luke and everyone else died? Judging by Oola's treatment, Yes! or Did Leia actually dance for Jabba during her enslavement? Unknown.

As Jabba's slave was Leia now poor?


Who did Jabba prefer Leia or Oola?


Did slave Leia wear any other outfits during her time as Jabba's slave?

No. All princess Leia wore during her slavery with Jabba was the metal bikini.Beautyqueen434

Did slave Leia ever go into town with Jabba?


Did Jabba stroke Leia's plait?

I highly doubt it.

If Jabba died while Leia was his slave what would happen to her?

If Jabba had died and Leia did not have Luke or the other rebels to rescue her she technically wouldn't be free. As a possession she would be lumped together with Jabba's other items and then given to the main benefactor of Jabba's will who would decide what to do with her.

Who killed jabba the hut in Star Wars Return of the Jedi?

Princess Leia kills Jabba the Hutt by strangling him with her chains while she is enslaved by him on his sail barge.

Did Jabba ever go to the Mos Eisley cantina with Leia?


How can Jabba maintain a good grip on Leia's chain in a very deep sleep?

Actually, if you remember the scene when Leia strangled Jabba to death using that chain, she went to Jabba's back and removed the chain from what looked like a crest-shaped skin formation.

Did Jabba let slave Leia sleep?

The pillows and cushions located on Jabba's throne were used by Leia during her enslavement. Watch the scene right before Luke arrives at the palace and you even see her resting against them as she lays by Jabba's side.