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No. Pestle is the word. There's no such word as pessel.

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Q: The pellet with the poison is in the vessel with the pessel?
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Can you get lead poison from a pellet from a pellet gun?

You can get lead poison from any form of lead if you ingest or absorb enough of it.

What is a pharmacist mortar?

A pharmacists mortar is asmall ceramic dish which he use to grind various medinces to a powder using a pessel hence the name pessel and mortar

What happens when you have a led pellet stuck in your butt?

Time to go see a doctor. You don't want led inside you it could poison your system

Can you put rat poison to kill rats around your chicken coop?

Yes. You must follow the instructions on the label carefully and keep the poison away from the chickens and other animals. Rat poison sometimes comes in pellet form and chickens will eat it if it is spread about carelessly. It is often best to locate where the rats are moving and put the poison in a container with an entrance and exit.

What is the best pellet for having fun?

The dome pellet is considered to be the universal pellet.

What is inside of the pellet?

More pellet.

What is the best pellet gun?

Any of the PCP class of pellet guns or rifles. These are high pressure pellet guns that are capable of shooting a 50cal pellet.

Can a metal sheet stop a pellet without crushing the pellet?

Are you talking about an airgun pellet? If so, then hitting the sheet with force will deform the pellet. If it's a air-soft plastic pellet it will most likely shatter or at least crack or chip the pellet. Never reuse a pellet after it has been fired. It may damage the gun.

Can a 177 1200 fps pellet gun kill a fox?

With the right pellet you you can, But it should be a hunting Pellet (Hollow-point) and it should be a heavy pellet not a light weight pellet with at least 900 to1000 FPS.

What shoots out pellets?

Pellet guns and Pellet rifles.

Why does pellet feed float?

Pellet feed contains air in the pellet. Also, the density of the pellet is lighter than water, thus enabling it to float on the surface of water.

How do you get a pellet that is stuck out of a pellet gun?

Use a .177 cleaning rod and push the pellet back out of the loading port.