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With the right pellet you you can, But it should be a hunting Pellet (Hollow-point) and it should be a heavy pellet not a light weight pellet with at least 900 to1000 FPS.

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Shot placement is everything.

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Q: Can a 177 1200 fps pellet gun kill a fox?
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Can a 1200 fps pellet gun kill a fox?

yes. It is possible but I suggest you use hunting pellets (hollow point)

Will a bb gun kill a fox?

It is possible with a good shot to the head. However the animal will suffer, a pellet rifle is a much better selection.

What can 1000 fps pcp air rifle can kill?

Killing capability depends on foot pounds of energy (fpe) and fps is a function of fpe along with weight (measured in grains). A .177 caliber pellet traveling at 1000fps does not have as much energy due to its smaller mass, whereas a .25 caliber pellet is larger and can be heavier. Bottom line: .177 @ 1000fps will "icepick" a pest, ie. punch a tiny hole through it and if it misses a vital, won't kill it. .22 @ 1000fps good for pests (rats, squirrels, pigeons) and small game up to raccoons. .25 @ 1000fps small game including fox, raccoon, coyote

Can a pitbull kill a fox?

a pitbull has a locked jaw to kill anything even a fox, but a fox can run fast but if there is a pack of pitbulls then it can kill the fox by locking it's jaw

How tall is Tereza Fox?

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Can a dog eat a fox?

No but it can kill a fox

Can a fox kill a human?

No, a fox could not kill a human unless that fox was rabid and the person did not seek medical care.

What animals can be killed with a air rifles going 1000 fps?

It depends on the size of the pellet and where the animal is srtuck. Pellets come in different sizes. .177, 20, 22, 25, 45 & 50 Cal. PCP Air Rifles use a Scuba tank to charge them and fire a 45 of 50 cal pellet that will bring down a bear. (no kidding) But most pellet rifles shoot the .177 small pellet and it is good for hunting birds and small game. The new Crosman Super Streak 22 cal fires a 22 cal pellet at 1100 FPS and will do the same damage that a regular 22 bullet will do. The average store bought pellet rifle is a .177 and the most common form of charge is either pump action or break barrel, the animals it can take down ofcourse depend on where the animal is struck and how close you are to the animal. But assuming head shots, which are fairly frequent with a good scope, you can easily take down sparrows , to crows, from red squirrels and chipmunks to the larger 3-5 lb grey and fox squirrels from within 20 yards. A good single head shot can easily bring down a rabbit at 15 yards. Check out the multiple youtube videos with folks using .177 air rifles to hunt rabbits.

Can a goose kill a fox?


Will a fox kill a pygmy goat?

Yes, a fox can kill a pygmy goat if the fox can get to it. Goats need to have a place where that can go to sleep at night to be protected from predators.

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