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Shakugan no Shana , Claymore , My-Hime , Lunar Legend Tsukihime , usou Renkin ,

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Q: Is there an Anime like Fate Stay Night?
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What anime is like bleach?

Kiba Fate/stay night

Can someone recommend fantasy anime which takes place in our age like Shagukan no Shana?

Zero no Tsukaima , Fate/stay night , Kaze no Stigma , To Aru Majutsu no Index , Toradora ,

Are there any other animes like fate stay night out there I like animes like fate stay night chrome shelled regious r2 gundam series death note I dont want old ones with bad characters?

There's Ghost Hunt, and Vampire Knight.

Does each of the fate stay nights have a romance like does UBW and HF have romance like the original fate stay nights romance with shirou and saber?

Yes, each of the Fate Stay Nights have a romance. UBW has a romance with Shirou and Rin.

You search for a good anime you like Death Note - code geass - bleach - clannad - claymore - school days- but cant find anything like it pls help?

Monster , Elfen Lied , Witch Hunter Robin , Kanon , Air , The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya , Jigoku Shoujo , Spiral , Berserk , Blood + , Fate/stay night , Full Metal Alchemist .

What are other animes like zero no tsukaima?

Try Shakugan no Shana , ToraDora , Hayate the Combat Butler! , Fate/stay night and Ai Yori Aoshi which all have similar themes .

Is there an anime show like sword art online?

Accel Word Mirai Nikki Hunter X Hunter Summer Wars Fate/Zero Guilty Crown

What are other titles of anime hintae?

Akiba Girls, Night Shift Nurse, Ane to Boin, Like Mother Like Daughter

Are there any good manga or anime of supernatural powers romance and fantasy One like Pygmalio please and thank you for your help?

Try Kamichama Karin , Fruits Basket , Claymore , Clannad , Clannad After Story , Death Note , Moon Phase , Loveless , Chrono Crusade , Elfen Lied , Familiar of Zero , Vampire Knight , Vampire Knight Guilty , Mew Mew Power , Fate Stay Night , Shakugan no Shana and Kaze no Stigma .

What is the anime show called where a vampire bites himself and makes blood whip i think it was like night stalker or something i think its really old?

Night Walker

What does it mean to see a night owl?

night owl means a person who like to stay up late at night~It means that some one close to you or some one you know is going to die or has died

Good romantic comedy anime with magic and fantasy?

These are shojo-like animes: Tokyo mew mew, mermaid melody, sailor moon, shugo chara, fate/stay night has a lot of magic and romance, but it's based on 21st century things and it's a bit bloody. it's still the best anime EVAH... in all categories...