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What ever anime you like

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Q: What anime plushies should i get?
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If at a cosplay how much do plushies cost?

Do you mean how much do plushies cost at an anime convention? They range in price 8-20 dollars or so.

Where can you buy Vocaloid plushies?

You can Buy them Online or at Anime conventions.. the anime Convention i wen to i got a Miku Hatsune Plush

Where can you get Pokemon plushies?

You can go to this mini-mall in Georgia. It has an anime store where they sell lots of them.

Where can you find Anime Plushies at the Mall of America?

At the store Hot Topic and probably the Disney store

I am hoping to find a Gaara plushie for one of my friends and was wondering where can you find Anime Plushies at the Mall of America?


What does animax sell in Memphis tn?

Plushies, Largest Anime Selection in Memphis (Much cheaper then most places), Anime Music CD's (Small), Cosplays (Small), Swords/Cosplay Swords, Import Games (Small), Comic/Anime Figures, Hentai DVD's, and last they have a Anime rental section!

Death note plushies?

um if you are asking where u can buy them u can go to an anime shop, get a comission done on deviantart, um you can go to ebay, and i think and there is a couple other websites i cant remember. i think the plushies are cute and i have misa, ryuzaki, and light :3

What are furries or plushies?

"Furries" are alive. Plushies are dolls.

What do enchanted plushies do on marapets?

enchanted plushies turn your pet into the same look as the plushie limited edition enchanted plushies are mega rare and cannot be found on user shops trades or auctions

What do Neopet plushies do?

they don`t do anything unless it is a magical plush. some plushies will follow your neopets around the room or look at your neopet but other than that regular plushies don`t do anything.

How do get plushies on animal jam for free?

Trade someone!! :) I have a few plushies, user: Amorettes feel free to add me! :D

Why is boy over flowers not on the anime list?

it should be, it is an anime