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It keeps all of us anime freaks going! Plus a lot of people make a good living off of world wide, famous anime.

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Q: Why Japanese Anime should not be banned?
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Why Japanese anime should be banned?

Some places ban anime because of the explicit details of the male and female body, while others ban anime because of the bad influential storylines. Many parents feel that Japanese anime show too much skin (nudity) to their children.

Was anime created by the Japanese?

Yes , anime is a Japanese creation .

What does the word anime mean in English?

'Anime' is the Japanese abbreviation of animation .Anime is the Japanese abbreviation for animation.

Is anime a little Chinese made but more Japanese?

Anime is purely Japanese. Not Chinese at all.

What country did Animism originate?

Anime Originated From The Japanese. (Japan =) )

What is dubbed anime?

A dubbed anime is an anime edited so that the characters speak in the language of the viewer, rather than in Japanese. On the other hand, subbed anime is anime in Japanese, with subtitles of the viewers language. Pure japanese anime is referred to as the RAW version.

What is the Japanese word for anime?

Anime is technically the Japanese word. The word began as "animation" from English. When it went over to Japan, the word condensed to "anime" (because Japanese like to condense words). The word began to be used for what we know anime today as. Then, the Japanese animations, now called "anime" crossed over to the US and other countries. Therefore, Anime is technically Japanese, but also English :P

What where the name of japanese-style cartoons?

There are several types of theatre in Japan but the most popular are: Kabuki, Noh, & Bunraku.

Who was anime made by?

Anime is made by Japanese animation companies .

What language is the openning to Naruto?

Yes it is .. it's an anime .. it has a manga series ...yes, Naruto is Japanese because he's an anime. and anime are Japanese cartoons. so he has to be Japanese.

Is anime the same as manga?

No, Manga is a Japanese comic drawn in the same style that Anime is. And Anime is a Japanese cartoon drawn in the same style that Manga is. Some Mangas that have been turned into Anime are: Death Note, School Rumble and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist.