Anime like Special A

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Anime like Special A would be like Kaichou WA Maid sama, Bokura Ga Itai, and Lovely Complex.

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Q: Anime like Special A
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Is there an anime with a teasing guy and a reluctant to believe she is in love with him?

Special A seems to be like that. But The Story of Saiunkoku is like that.

Is there a 2nd season for Special A the Anime?

in manga there is and its completed but in anime no read it on

How many episodes is there in the anime special a?

There are 24 episodes in the anime. In the mana there are 99.

Does pokemon special have an anime?


What are some anime like Maid-Sama?

Special - A , Skip Beat , Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu , Fruits Basket and He Is My Master .

Is Storm Hawks an anime show?

Any cartoon is technically anime, but if it doesn't have that special Japanese eye style it's called Americanized anime.

Is there a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon anime special?

Yes there is.

What is anime channel?

special ordered channel with Dish Network of a channel of nothing but anime. Also there is a funimation network.

What anime plushies should i get?

What ever anime you like

Who sings the song 'special days' for the anime Special A class?

The song was sang by Yuko Goto which voices Hanazono Hikari in Special A.

What is anime bondage?

Anime bondage is like when someone is kidnapped and is tied up but in anime form

What is the name of the anime about a boy and a girl who are rivals since childhood?

Special A.