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Yes, but is edited on a computer to make it sound better than it really is.

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It is actually Elizabeth Daily who sings the part of the Two and a Half Men theme song that Jake lip syncs to.

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Q: Is there a little boy singing the theme song for two and half men?
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Did theme song for two and a half men change for 2012 season?

It is still the same song, except Ashton Kutcher is singing it as well as Alan and Jake

Who sings the theme song for tv sitcom Half and Half?

what is the half & half theme song who sings the theme song from the tv sitcom Half and Half? Answer: Gospel Singer; Melonie Daniels

Is there a Catherine on Pretty Little Liars?

No, but the band singing the theme song are 'The Pierces' They are the Pierce sisters, Catherine and Allison Pierce, and that's where the names in the song came from, the song is not based on the show, Pretty Little Liars.

What is the theme song to half the sky?

The theme song of the show Half & Half is sung by Lalah Hathaway and Melodie Daniels.

Who sings the theme song on half and half?


Was the theme song from two and a half men based on a BBC theme song?


Is Dan Castellaneta one of the singers of the theme from Two and a Half Men?


What is the Elvis Theme song?

Elvis theme song is "End Theme".

Who is singing the 2009 Royal rumble theme song?

Skillet hero

TV SHOW Two and half men them song was performed by E.G. Dailey what is the name of the album and track?

E.G. Daily is one of the voices singing the theme song for Two And A Half Men, but she (Elizabeth Daily, as she's also known) does not have an album with this song, although she does have several of her own.

Who sings John Cena theme song?

John Cena actually sings his own theme song and is the first to do so

Who wrote the theme song for Pretty Little Liars?

The theme song is "Secret" by The Pierces