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The theme song is "Secret" by The Pierces

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The Pierces

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Q: Who wrote the theme song for Pretty Little Liars?
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What are shows similar to Pretty Little Liars?

"The Lying Game." It is similar to "Pretty Little Liars" because it is a drama/mystery and the show is based on a series of books by Sara Sheperd, the woman who wrote Pretty Little Liars.

Who wrote the Pretty Little Liars TV Show?

Sarah Shepard wrote The Pretty Little Liars Novels

Who wrote on the car in the show Pretty Little Liars?

It was Noel. This makes the girls think he is A. Even though it isn't

How many Pretty Little Liars books will there be?

There is Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, Perfect, Unbelieveable, Wicked, Killer, Heartless, Wanted, Twisted, Ruthless, Stunning Sara Shepard also wrote a book in A's point of view called "Pretty Little Secrets." !STUNNING COMES OUT IN JUNE 2012!

Is Rosewood PA a real place?

No, it is a fictional place that was made up by author Sara Shepard, who wrote the Pretty Little Liars series.

What was in Courtney's diary that Alison found in the Pretty Little Liars book series?

Yes. She was the one that was friends with the girls so she wrote down what they told her

What book did Ezra give to aria in Pretty Little Liars?

he actually gave aria 2 books. one of them was a novel that i dont know the name of, and another was a book of poems that he wrote himself, containing the one he wrote about her

What did A write on the mirror of the Pretty Little Liars show?

A wrote in jungle red lipstick color (Alison's shade which is later found being woren but Jenna) And it said: It wont be that easy to get rid of me - A

How did Alison kill herself in Pretty Little Liars?

She didn't . She killed her twin sister Courtney who was in a mental hospital . One day Courtney switched with Ali and Ali was in the mental hospital . The pretty little liars didn't know Ali had a twin . So Courtney was acting like Ali the whole time . Courtney figured out all the pretty little liar secrets . And wrote them in her diary . Ali was jealous and escaped from the hospital and killed Courtney . Ali has been hiding in Jason's house the whole time .

Why did it say parents on Mike's mirror in Pretty Little Liars?

You know how car mirrors say "objects in mirror are closer then they apper" he covered over the part " objects in mirror" and wrote "parents" to make it parents are closer then they apper. It was just a little joke.

What was Emily doing the night she was supposed to be studying with the other girls in Pretty Little Liars?

she was at Alison's memorial bench because she was going there to say sorry about the letter she wrote to Ali and she saw that they ruined the bench and toke the stuff that was not broken

Theme and variation piece of twinkle twinkle little star?

This is stupid who wrote this question dumbo