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Edward officially proposes with a ring in his room. He has a condition that Bella has to marry him if she can have vampire venom go through out her body anytime she wants. Bella wants to have sex with him and Edward promises that they will try it when she's not as breakable. That's all there is to it.

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He proposed to Bella in his room in Eclipse.

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Bella has ideas about getting married in Vegas, very discreetly. Or getting Emmet to marry them. But Alice sees what Bella wants of course and makes sure that that doesnt happen.

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Q: Where does edward propose to Bella?
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How does Edward propose to Bella in New Moon?

Edward doesn't propose to Bella until the third book, Eclipse.

Does edward propose to Bella?


Did Bella propose to edward?


Where did edward first propose to Bella?

In Bella's room actually....

In what book did Edward first propose to Bella?

Edward proposed Bella in the book New Moon

When does Edward propose to Bella in new moon?

Page 540.

Did Robert Pattinson propose to kristin?

No he didn't. However Edward proposed to Bella!

In new moon does edward propose to Bella?

yes at the very end!

Does Edward propose to Bella at the end of New Moon?

yup he wants to be married before he CHANGES her

In which movie will edward propose to Bella?

He proposes to her in New Moon, but she actually says yes in Eclipse!

Whose ring does Edward propose to Bella with?

he gave her his mom's ring

How does Edward propose to Bella?

edward asks her to marry her but at first she refuses but Bella wants to take the relationship to the next level but edward refuses to have it but Bella strikes a deal with him she will marry him if she gets want shes wan she does and ends up pregant but whilst giving birth the baby is crushing Bella bones edwARDSD HAS NO CHOICE TO BITE HER .......