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No it's not real.

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Q: Is the pandorica real in Doctor Who?
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What is the pandorica?

The Pandorica was built by an alliance of the Doctor's greatest foes who were under the mistaken belief that the Doctor was responsible for the cracks in the universe. It was built to imprision the Doctor, presumably indefinately.

How did a future version of the Doctor give the sonic screwdriver to Rory if he was in the pandorica?

well since rory had the sonic screwdriver to open the pandorica then the doctor was out put his screwdriver in amys pocket to the future doctor knew what to do

Which is the best Doctor Who episode?

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

How did Doctor Who get out of the Pandorica he has that wristband thing but how did he get hold of that?

River song left it.

What is going to happen after doctor who - series 5 - 12 the pandorica opens?

A Christmas Special.

Who is The Pandorica?

Not who, but what. The Pandorica was an elaborate prison created by the Alliance (a coalition of The Doctor's greatest enemies) to hold The Doctor for all eternity. Their reasoning for this was not to be rid of The Doctor for their own gain, but to stop the cracking of the universe, which they believed was The Doctor's doing. In fact it was caused by the TARDIS exploding mysteriously on the 26th of June 2010 (the date of the finale's broadcast).

Will the eleventh Doctor escape from the Pandorica?

Of course he'll escape, there wouldn't be a show if he was stuck in there forever.

When does Doctor Who The Pandorica Opens air in the US?

July 10th at 8:00 PM CST I believe.

Where can you watch Doctor Who the pandorica opens?

You can buy the DVD, watch it on BBC Iplayer or try and see if it appears on the television

What are the episode names for Doctor Who series 5 episodes 8 to 13?

The Hungry Earth Cold Blood Vincent and the Doctor The Lodger The Pandorica Opens The Big Bang

What is inside the pandorica?

Originally, nothing was. The Pandorica was empty, because it was built to hold the Doctor, after he'd been lured there. He was not in it long though, he'd engineered his own escape, getting Rory to open it from the outside. A mortally wounded Amy was then placed inside, since death is a form of escape, the Pandorica could even prevent that. She then spent the next 2000 years in stasis, until her young future self touched it, giving the Pandorica the DNA information it needed to heal the adult Amy inside.

How did the Doctor get out of the Pandorica?

The Doctor in the future, went back to the Roman time using the transporter that River left behind to give Rory his Sonic Screwdriver. By giving him the sonic screwdriver, he told Rory to go and open the Pandorica with it. He did, and the Doctor found out that he had indeed come from the future, exclaiming "Oh good, I have a future." Rory then, told by the future doctor who wears a Fez and holds a Mop from some musuem, puts the screwdriver into Amy's coat pocket. The Future doctor then finds it in Future amy's pocket.