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no sasuke was weak and madara took him but later in the manga sasuke took itachi's eyes and implanted it in him. When he was able to use his eyes, he will become much stronger than Madara. Now that he is able to do so, Sasuke can learn space time ninjutu as he can mimic it. With the strong uchiha blood , he will not face side effects like kakashi. As i watched an episode, i learned that yamato can use the technique but he wouldn't have been able to hold it. Sasuke can use amaterasu and susanoo without dealing with any effects. Madara is just a plain shell and does't have the ability to use any of the techniques.

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Tobi/Madara is stronger because he controls space and time so sasuke would not stand a chance.

However if naruto and sasuke double team him then there would be a chance even though that probably would not happen.

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Q: Is madara stronger than Sasuke
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Who would win Sasuke or Madara?

Sasuke and Madara are both extremely powerful. However, it is most likely that Madara would win, as he is probably a bit more experienced and stronger than Sasuke. Although it would certainly be a close fight.

How strong is madara?

The First Hokage was; he beat Madara at Final Valley. That is where Naruto and Sasuke fought before Sasuke left the village. The statue on the left is the First Hokage and the Statue on the right is Madara.

Does Madara ever fight Sasuke?

No, Madara does not fight Sasuke.

Did madara give itachi eyes to Sasuke?

Actually Madara did give sasuke itachi's eyes. In the latest manga madara transplants itachi's eyes to sasuke's.

Who would win in a fight danzo or madara?

Danzo's dead.... Madara would have though. I mean, Sasuke won over Danzo...And Madara is probably more powerful than Sasuke for now. So Chaa.

Who is stronger shikamura or Sasuke?

Sasuke is more stronger than Shikamura but he is smarter

Is madara stronger than itachi?

Sorry madara fans but itachi is stronger than madara because if you read the comic or even watch the shows you would after itachi death madara said that if itachi know that he know this much information he would already kill him watch it you would know

Is Uchiha Sasuke Stronger the Uzamaki Naruto?

Naruto is indeed stronger than sasuke

Does Sasuke fight madara?


Is Sasuke madara?

No, uchiha sasuke is not madara, however, madara is either uchiha itachi's grand or great-grandfather. Therefore, sasuke is madara's grandson or great-grandson.

Is Rock Lee stronger than Sasuke in the show Naruto?

Rock Lee is stronger than Sasuke for a limited amount of time in the chuunin exams. After that, Sasuke is always much stronger.

Who is Tobi in the show naruto?

He is Uchiha Madara, one of the strongest Uchiha members of all time. After the humongous fight with the first hokage, Madara is just a hollow of his own self...... He wears a circular mask and pretends to be a sidekick. When he's really controlling the Akatuki leader. Madara is stronger than Sasuke or Itachi.